Testimonials from Teachers and CAMP Organisers – 2023



The instructors really did a great job in engaging with the students, getting to know them and customizing the activities to suit them.
Overall, the event went smoothly and the instructors made sure that things are on track. Even if there was a delay or we were too early into the programme, there were filler activities to engage the students.
Food was amazing that was provided by XPark.
Any minor injuries were taken care of quickly and carefully.

-Siti Fazirah

Ministry of Education (MOE)


The instructors are very enthusiastic and engage the students very well to bring across clear teaching points.

-Jazlyn Chua

Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls


The girls had tremendous time for the Dragon Boat Programmme. They learned about resilience, water confidence and teamwork. The instructors are also very understanding and they push the team to be the best. We believe in unity is strength and we need teamwork in order to achieve wonderful things.

-Natasha Dahlia



The activities were fun and meaningful! Our youths were positively engaged and took home loads of learnings!

-Joanne ONG

APSN Delta Senior School


Despite the heavy rain, I still like the location choose for the camp.

-Wanda Chan

Canberra Secondary School


The camp was well-organised. Instructors were well-trained and had lots of energy, and this rubbed off on the students. The students enjoyed themselves and the objectives of our camp were met. Thank you very much!

-Whelan Chen

Manjusri Secondary School


Trainers conducted themselves professionally and able to engage with the students.
Feedback was taken seriously and adjustments were made accordingly.
Programmes were well planned with executed smoothly.

-Catherine Sim

Seng Kang Secondary School


Wendy was accommodating to the school’s requirements and curated a programme for us. The instructors on the ground conducted themselves well too.

-Lishanth Thangavelu