Uniformed Groups Handshake Programme

In CAMP CHALLENGE, we believe Uniformed Groups (UGs) goes beyond being a disciplinary Co-Curriculum Activity (CCA).

We believe UGs mould characters, enhance leadership skills, foster esprit de corps, as well as to prepare youths for the future.

UG Handshake, a programme specially designed to support UGs in developing youths, aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity for all rounded learning experience
  • Bring youths of different UGs together
  • Furnish UGs an alternative route to gain badges
  • Encourage youths to start their NYAA journey
  • Most importantly, to have fun!

Our UG Handshake programme includes but not limited to:

  • Outdoor Adventure Learning programmes
  • Combined UGs programmes
  • National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Programme
  • Train-the-Trainers
  • Facilities Rental (e.g. High Elements, TEAM CHALLENGE HOURGLASS, accommodations etc)
  • In-House Accreditation Programmes for usage of CAMP CHALLENGE Facilities (e.g. Kayaking, High Elements, Rock Wall etc)
  • Overseas Learning Journeys

Here in CAMP CHALLENGE, we recognise that different UGs have different needs and limitations. Therefore, with UG Handshake, we are committed to support all UGs in providing the best learning experience for your students!

Please feel free to email us at enquiries@CAMP-CHALLENGE.com to let us learn more about how we are able to support your UG trainings and we will do our best!