Statement on Safety

Safety is a CAMP CHALLENGE’s core values.

As a member of the global sustainable business community, CAMP CHALLENGE believes that high standards for quality and safety are in the best interest of all stakeholders. As such, we are proud to be a part of an expert community-driven initiative to build and maintain such standards with an open source principle. The standards at hand were initiated by a dozen of Singapore’s leading practitioners from both the public and private sector, whose pooled experiences span well over a century of senior man-years. They articulated a set of high standards that reflect the best of their joint wisdom in order to serve all stakeholders, with safety and quality being paramount. But good standards are not static. They must constantly evolve to reflect the latest wisdom.

CAMP CHALLENGE believe this is best done by engaging the community:

  • Everyone who has a stake and an interest in maintaining high quality and safe overseas trip experiences should be able to contribute.
  • Our company endeavours to be part of this ongoing effort, by striving to adhere to the standards, as well as to maintain and further develop them.

As such, we hereby pledge, publicly:

1) To do our best to adhere to the community expert-driven Overseas Travel Guidelines published here (refer to the latest open source version)
2) To help to maintain and further develop the Overseas Travel Guidelines by contributing new insights and areas for improvement at any given opportunity.