Testimonials from Teachers and CAMP Organisers – 2008

5 – 8 November 2008

On behalf of the school, I would like to thank your organisation and staff for making our first Student Leaders’ overseas CAMP a success. Your staff, namely Shan, Damien, Min and Yen and the staff at Bintan had been a great team to work with. Whenever my staff, students and I need help/information, we always got it sooner than expected even if it means your staff had to work a little later.

Indeed all your trainers were very knowledgeable in their area of duties and they were helpful and efficient in conducting the activities.

The experiential learning in Bintan had provided my student leaders hands-on insights and cognitive knowledge of the dynamics of leadership. This CAMP would not have been meaningful to our students without your staff constant support, patience and enthusiasm.

Once again, our sincere gratitude to all your staff for their hardwork and unrelenting support to us during our stay at Bintan.

– Mdm Zahara Hosni, Gan Eng Seng School

8 – 11 September 2008

On behalf of the School of Business & Accountancy of Ngee Ann Polytechnic, we would like to thank you for running the iDARE CAMP for 79 students from 8 – 11 September 2008. Compliments to the trainers-in-charge, Yan Peng and fellow trainers who have gone the extra mile to ensure that our students through their debrief, alerting our students to accept their discomfort as a learning point and adapt to our request and feedback so willingly. … We noticed the third day of activities involving Team CHALLENGE Pyramid, Paintball, High and Low elements were well managed with a larger pool of trainers.

– Joshua Nathan, School of Business & Accountancy (BA), Ngee Ann Polytechnic

8 – 11 September 2008

Just a quick note to say thank you the crew for our CAMPS last week. The overwhelming consensus was that they were both outstanding successes – in fact, most people felt it was the best CAMP they had been on. Partly this was due to the facilities, but also teachers & students enjoyed the interaction with the instructors. … I was really impressed with the level of detail, organization & flexibility shown by your company. I felt that I had finally found the CAMP I have been looking for the past few years. So, a big thank you.

– John Snowball, Overseas Family School

8 – 11 September 2008

Once again, we would really like to thank you all for the great camp experience and we will continue to bring along what we have learnt from this camp with us, throughout the rest of our journey in RGSPB and life, and we are very glad to hear that we have in some way reminded you all to continue your passion in this field. We hope that you all would continue your passion for camp facilitation etc. and continue to inspire other camp participants.

Thank you very much for the great organization and being so flexible and accommodating with regards to our various last minutes changes and requests.Heartfelt thanks also go out to you and all camp facilitators for guiding us, facilitating us during the entire camp, and inspiring us.The camp also enabled every one of us to get to know each other much better and bond us all together. Thus we would really really like to thank you and the entire CAMP CHALLENGE team for the great experience and most wonderful 3 days you have given us.

Thus with this, Thank you very very very much for the most wonderful and rewarding camp, and we really hope to work more with CAMP CHALLENGE in the future

– Florence Chow, Teo Zhen Ling, Lau Kum Weng, Raffles Girls School Prefectorial Board