Enrichment Workshops

CAMP CHALLENGE’s enrichment workshops are designed to be highly interactive and are delivered through a variety of methods such as facilitation, debates and hands-on experience. An essential feature of these workshops is that the knowledge gained and skills learned are intended to be transferable beyond school settings. Here are our enrichment workshops in brief:

. Presentation Skills

The ability to present effectively is a lifelong skill that can be applied in many settings. This workshop aims to improve participants’ presentation skills and instill confidence in their own ability to get their message across.

. The Leadership Challenge*

This workshop is based on the 5 leadership practices – Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enabling others to Act and Encourage the Heart of The Student Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner.

. Facilitation for Youth

Facilitation is a key communication skill that promotes teamwork and team learning. Here, participants will learn the importance of facilitation and how it can be applied to daily situations.

. DISC Personality Profiling

A personality assessment tool used to raise self-awareness, improve teamwork and communication. Can be used by educators to understand students learning style and improve teaching effectiveness and teacher/student relationship. 

. MBTI Personality Profiling

One of the most widely recognized personality assessment tools in the world. It expresses personalities over four set of preferences, describing how individuals understand information and make decisions. 

.Outdoors Skills – Outdoor Cooking/Navigation etc.

This workshop offers a variety of hands-on activities that prepares youth for outdoor expeditions. It also seeks to encourage youth to take up a more active lifestyle. 

. Camp Leadership* – Leading and managing outdoor learning programme/camps.

An effective leader is one who plans well, organizes time efficiently and manages resources creatively. Here, participants will learn leadership and management skills through the planning of an adventure camp.

. Basic Adventure Learning Instructor Course

For students who are keen to learn more about the role of a camp instructor. Delivered through a combination of theory and practical lessons, students will learn skills such as facilitation, risk assessments and time management.

* Leadership based workshops.