Youth development is a journey that all young people go through and the key to promoting positive development is the planning of quality experiences. Here in CAMP CHALLENGE  , we facilitate character development through our high impact and values-centric programmes, helping youths grow with the right attitude and social skills.

We are also a registered social enterprise and a portion of our revenue is directed towards subsidized programmes for under-privileged youths. Learn more about this in our ‘Social Mission’.


At the heart of CAMP CHALLENGE  is our philosophy towards youth development – Well-rounded youth development that centers on personal and social values, a sense of responsibility towards the community, and the drive to create a positive impact.

This philosophy underpins the three pillars that support our youth development framework which are manifested into our daily practices, programmes and interaction with the participants. These pillars are our Vision, Mission and Values, the C.E.L.L. Principle and the C.A.M.P. Methodology.

Global Youth Development Platform To be the springboard for youth development globally.

Inspiring Aspirations Inspiring youths to fulfill their potential.






A fun environment makes learning more engaging and enjoyable.

An open culture that promotes the exchange of ideas, feedback and learning.

‘No Challenge, No Growth’. We believe that learning in the stretch-zone opens greater growth opportunities.

We do our best to understand each youth’s unique requirements in order to deliver a customized CAMP CHALLENGE  experience.

CAMP CHALLENGE ’s top priority. Our equipment and procedures adhere strictly to International Safety standards.

The CELL is known as the building block of life. In a healthy body, cells need to be wholly developed individually and collectively. Likewise, the success of any society depends on the strengths of the individuals and community.

We believe that every youth is a CELL of this global community. By integrating this principle into our programmes, we hope that the CAMP CHALLENGE experience inspires youths to become contributing members of this global community.

Citizenship: Be a responsible member of the global society


Entrepreneurship: Embody the spirit of innovation


Leadership: Inspire and enable others to act


Legacy: For the greater good



CAMP CHALLENGE  is proud to be a founding member of the Outdoor Learning & Adventure Education Association. CAMP CHALLENGE joined to support and grow the industry, as we believe that it is important for the education of the next generation. CAMP CHALLENGE will continue to support all stakeholders (both OLAE members and non-members) in the industry through job opportunities, campsite support, scholarships, subsidized programmes for underprivileged youths, and many more ways!

CAMP CHALLENGE ’s success over the years is in large part credited to the participation of thousands of students and youths in our programmes and this shift towards social enterprising is our way of giving back to the youth community.

As a registered Social Enterprise since 2013, CAMP CHALLENGE directs a portion of our revenue towards pro-bono and subsidized programmes for underprivileged youths.


Learn more about our Social Mission!