After-class Adventure Learning Activities

CAMP CHALLENGE‘s collection of after-class activities aims to bring adventure right to the school’s door step!

Advantages of holding such activities in schools:

Fun – Engage students differently. Give them another reason to like coming to school.

Educational – The activities are rooted in experiential learning.

Convenient – No traveling required.

Safe – Activities conducted around familiar terrain.

These following activities can be conducted with the school’s compound or neighborhood:

Monkey Climb (Sports Climbing Introduction)*

  • Paired activity.
  • Tree climbing and rock climbing roll into one.
  • Learning Points: Trust and self motivation
    *SEP funded programme

The Laser Combat Challenge

  • Team based activity.
  • Uses infrared to ‘contact opponent, no physical projectile involved.
  • Learning Points: Planning as a team, adapting to changes and risk taking.


  • Individual challenge.
  • Pick up a new sports.
  • Learning Points: Goal setting and self-efficacy.

Heritage Trial

  • GPS aided, team challenge.
  • Customized heritage trail around the neighborhood, with challenges stations along the trial.
  • Leaning Points: better appreciation of the neighborhood.

Aside from conducting activities within the school’s compound, CAMP CHALLENGE also conduct after-class activities that brings students away from their regular environment.

  • Kayaking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Abseiling