The Alpha Challenge Scholarship

What is the Alpha Challenge Scholarship?

The Alpha Challenge Scholarship (ACS) is for youths who have a strong passion for Outdoor and Adventure Learning. It serves three key purposes:

  1. Promote the profession of Outdoor and Adventure Learning.
  2. Allow underprivileged youths the opportunity to pursue higher education.*
  3. Identify and attract talents to join our organization and continue a meaningful career.

*slots will be reserved for youths from lower-income background.

ACS Overview

1 – Express Interest in ACS

Attend one of our talks on or speak to us to learn more about the Scholarship. Register your interest and we will invite you to the next Basic Instructor Course.

2 – Basic Instructor Course (BIC)

BIC is a 3D2N ‘train-the trainer’ programme where you will learn how to be an effective outdoor and adventure camp instructor, the CAMP CHALLENGE way.

BIC is also used by us to evaluate whether you would fit into our organization culture and for you to evaluate whether CAMP CHALLENGE is the place for you.

3 – ACS Qualifying Criteria

  • Display qualities that are aligned to CAMP CHALLENGE culture.
  • Display strong interest in Outdoor and Adventure Learning.
  • Grades are eligible for Diploma.

4 – Accept Scholarship

5 – Begin Diploma Programme

6 – Fulfilling of Scholarship Requirements

ACSP recipients must meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain an average grade of B+ or its equivalent in school.
  • Attain NYAA gold award before graduation.
  • Internship and school holiday commitment with CAMP CHALLENGE.

7 – Career with CAMP CHALLENGE, FOCUS Adventure or Outdoor Adventures.

ACS recipients are required to serve a 3 year bond with CAMP CHALLENGE or any of our sister company, FOCUS Adventure and Outdoor Adventures, after graduation or National Service.

8 & 9 – Degree and Master’s Degree Scholarship

Further your personal development by taking up a 2nd or 3rd scholarship programme while working with the organization.

To learn more about the ACSP, email: