International Instructor

CAMP CHALLENGE International Instructor Programme


  • 6 months work attachment with CAMP CHALLENGE Pte Ltd.
  • Flexible work arrangement that allows you to travel, gain working experience in a new environment and maintain a stable source of income at the same time.


  • Prepare and conduct youth camps.
  • Ad-hoc and miscellaneous tasks such as maintaining the equipments and cleaning of the campsite.

About CAMP CHALLENGE’s Programme:

  • A camp requires long hours of commitment. It usually begins from 7am till 11pm in the evening. Our camp often includes overnight stay and ranges from a 2 day 1 night to 3 day 2 night programme.
  • Mostly, you will be assigned the role of a Team Instructor, where you will be attached to a group of 15 to 20 participants throughout the camp.
  • Participants of our camps range from age 6 to 20, with most of them age between 14 and 16.

Flexible Work Arrangement:

  • You are only required to work 20 days a month. These 20 days is also the minimum guaranteed by CAMP CHALLENGE.
  • You may opt for lesser working days in a month.
  • You are free to pursuit your own interest in your free time. This includes travelling overseas.

Allowance and Other Perks:

  • Monthly allowance of SGD 1800
  • For every additional day of work beyond the required 20 working days, you will also be remunerated according to the daily average.
  • Free Accommodation is provided (shared, non air-conditioned room). Value of accommodation is approximately SGD 400.
  • Meals are provided during the CAMP. This will save you about SGD 400 a month.
  • No to minimal travelling is required because accommodation is within the campsite. This will save you about SGD 150 a month!
  • (Total value of compensation package is approximately SGD 2770!!)

Work Holiday Pass Eligibility:


  • You have to be eligible to obtain Work Holiday Pass OR Work Holiday Visa.
  • Cost of the flight ad visa fee you need to cover on your own.

If you are interested in International Instructor position Email us your Resume with Cover Letter and References to