Uniform Standards

‘ Uniformity ‘ is important to CAMP CHALLENGE because it allows us to operate efficiently and effectively. It help us improve teamwork and team effectiveness because each of us are guided by the same set of systems and practices. With Uniformity, we are able to replicate best practices and achieve high standard of programme delivery consistently.

Uniform uniformity is just one of the many standards we have in place here in CAMP CHALLENGE and is more than just the matter of being in proper attire. Being in uniform enhances the image of professionalism, which portrays reliability, trustworthiness and credibility in the eyes of our clients and participants.

Furthermore, the way we dressed is a reflection of our attitude towards our role. Professionalism aside, if an instructor is unable to maintain self-discipline in adhering to basic uniform standards, then what about having the self-control to follow safety standards in challenging situations. And, if discipline is a basic requirement instructors ask of the student groups they are leading, then instructors need to first role-model the value of discipline.