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Our latest Virtual Adventure Learning Programmes (VALPs) are developed specially to cater to the current situation in 2020, which requires us to be socially distanced. Nevertheless, we are here to assist in team-building and enhancing of leadership skills with our VALPs which are designed optimally for online conferences.

  • Boosting teamwork & synergy
  • Improving effective communication skills
  • Understanding the importance of seeing the big picture & playing the role of a team member

Fostering camaraderie & achieving greater heights through the power of synergy!

  • Social Emotional Learning elements
  • Improve communication, social & interpersonal skills
  • Boosting team spirit & a sense of belonging

Highlighting the five leadership practices from Kouzes & Posner’s The Leadership Challenge

  • Model the Way
  • Inspire a Shared Vision
  • Challenge the Process
  • Enable Others to Act
  • Encourage the Heart

Age-appropriate action-packed activities to simulate the challenges in life

  • Develop better team spirit & interpersonal skills
  • Increase self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Have fun! 

Inculcating a spirit of innovation & a strong sense of entrepreneurship

  • Positive attitude towards risk-taking
  • Embrace challenges & stretch beyond perceived limits

Exposure to various career paths and imparting relevant skills for the workforce

  • Develop employability skills such as interview skills
  • Boost interpersonal & communication skills
  • Exposure to different types of occupations

Instilling toughness & resilience in students to overcome daily challenges in school and life

  • Strengthen resilience to stress and pressure
  • Adapt to adverse situations
  • Express gratitude to self and others

Developing mental toughness and comradeship through a rigorous shared experience

  • Accept & embrace challenges
  • Stretch beyond perceived limits
  • Enhance acquired skills & define mastery

Develop an awareness towards environmental sustainability and conservation

  • Promote the concept of being environmentally friendly
  • Instill a sense of citizenship and community 
  • Incorporate environmental practices into everyday life

Exposure to authentic experiences in others’ culture

  • Immerse & appreciate the history and culture of other countries
  • Develop character & leadership skills
  • Boost camaraderie through unique experiences
  • Inculcate the value of citizenship

Enjoy quality family time together engaging in meaningful activities!

  • Boost appreciation & affection for one another
  • Encourage positive communication between one another
  • Enhance spiritual well-being and commitment between family members

Our programmes are fully customizable!

Simply fill up our OPTIONS Form with your specific programme details and we will contact you via e-mail.

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