Testimonials from Teachers and CAMP Organisers – 2012

3rd– 7th September 2012 – Unity Primary School




The programmes and activities were suitable for our objectives – team building. During the hike, the presence and availability of the safety vehicle was very reassuring.

We were lead by two quality instructors – Pradeep and Sasi.

Pradeep = Great mediation at Hort Park on the historical aspects of the locality.

Sasi = Great rapport with the pupils and mediation on the salient learning points.

Kevin Chua, CCPE – Unity Primary School

3rd– 7th September 2012 – Overseas Family School



The instructors were very good, they ran the activities with confidence and communicated well with the students. And also, your camp leaders for both camps were great communicators who always sought clarification and were open minded and accommodating. It made my job so much easier.

Nathan Stanley, Deputy Principal (Students) – Middle School Overseas Family School

2nd– 4th July 2012 – Henderson Secondary School



Thanks for the very professionally organized camp, the students enjoyed themselves and more importantly benefited from the leadership models you taught and the experiential activities they had. We want to commend your instructors too for conducting themselves professionally and making a conscious effort to update the teachers about the changes in programme and asking for feedback.

Vincent Chia, HOD, Pupil well-being & developmental discipline – Henderson Secondary School

28th – 30th May 2012




On behalf ofthe team of teachers and students, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful instructors forgiving our boys such an enriching programmes.Your instructors have really engaged our student leaders over the 3 days.They are superb.

You and your team have been very accomodating. Welike your campsiteand the programmes planned, despite the fact that it rained on Saturday afternoon.You people are simply great and we are looking forward to work with you and your company in the near future.

Tuang, CAMP IC