Past Social Efforts & Testimonials

More Care packs coming up. More smiles to make! (June 2020)

It’s finally Phase 2 of Singapore’s circuit breaker! Phase 2 mainly consists of having most retails stores to resume business, dining in food areas and restaurants are back as well. Moreover, friends and families can finally meet each other as long as they keep it to the limit for 5. However today, the CSR team is busy! After weeks of planning, packing, approvals, we can finally distribute our lovingly planned care packs to some low-income families staying in our neighbourhood, Sembawang.

The funds for the care packs were raised by CAMP CHALLENGE in collaboration with our sister company FOCUS Adventure. We also appreciate the fact that many individuals from both entities donated money to raise funds for these care packs. The care packs consist of daily necessities like rice, instant noodles, oats, biscuits, etc. We split into teams and distributed the care packs to the families staying in the rental flats of Sembawang. Most recipients were pretty shy and taken aback, but once they understood our intentions, they would be happy and glad to receive the items.

COVID-19 has truly affected many people but we will still do our best to help one another. We do hope that these care packs are useful to the families and we would like to thank everyone who put their effort in making this possible!

Staying afloat & helping our neighbours (March 2020)

Since January 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the outbreak of the corona virus also known as COVID-19. The COVID-19 virus has currently accumulated a total of over 11,000 cases since mid April. Our neighbouring country Malaysia announced their Movement Control Order (MCO) in mid March, resulting in many foreign workers who work in Singapore to be affected too. Furthermore, most of them are the sole breadwinners of their family. We decided to adapt our business into helping our fellow foreign workers who have no place to stay. We converted our function rooms and student dormitories into comfortable and safe living areas for them. We worked hand in hand to ease of the load from the Ministry of Manpower and thus are giving back to society as well!

What measures do we take?

In order to ensure a safe environment for about 400 of our tenants residing in our CAMP CHALLENGE learning facility, we have taken strict security and health measures. We created a temperature-taking booth with strict measures to ensure that everyone entering and exiting the premises has their temperature taken. Rooms and dorms are sanitized on a regular basis. We also created a safe haven for people who needed to serve their Stay Home Notice (SHN).

Care Packs!

During this period, supermarkets are crowded or low on supply. Despite all odds, our team ensured that food remains accessible to our new residents. To add more smiles to their faces, we created ‘care packs’ containing bread, snacks, biscuits and fruits for every one of them. While these days are tough and difficult, our colleagues continue to work diligently day and night to ensure that everyone is safe and everything is in order. There is a common saying, ‘tough times don’t last, but tough people do!” We are constantly aiming to help as much as we can and we look forward to ending this crisis safe and sound together!

Hari Raya Celebrations

As many of the Malaysian workers staying in our site are Muslims who would be celebrating Hari Raya at home with their families and friends if it was not for the circuit breaker and MCO, we decided to add in some festive cheer for them! On Hari Raya Eve, we shared cups of iced Bandung with our guests (with safety distancing measures enforced of course). Bandung is a popular drink in India, Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore. Bandung consists of either condensed or evaporated milk along with rose syrup, giving it the nice sweet pink look. On top of that, we also attempted to bring up the festivity of Hari Raya by sprucing up our space with fairy lights and playing festive music around our site.

Giving out lunch for Hari Raya

On Hari Raya itself, our team shared free meals for lunch provided by Free Food For All! Our CSR team had raised funds internally and distributed the lunch with all of our guests, as well as some low-income families living in neighbourhood rental flats with our volunteers. It was not easy for our volunteers on this hot day but we really appreciate everybody who helped in making a difference to those who are less privileged. The mission is never over but we will continue to fight on! At the end of the day we are pleased to have successfully delivered 350 packets of food to those who really need it. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

NUSSU Day of Service (7 Sep 2019)

On 7 June 2019, CAMP CHALLENGE and our sister company, SeaOPS, collaborated with NUS Student Union (NUSSU) in their Day of Service. A brief introduction – Day of Service is an initiative rolled out by the Office of Alumni Relations in NUS with the intention to bring together Alumni, Staff and Students to do good together for a day. The students from NUSSU have decided to do a Coastal Clean Up at Sembawang Park and we supported their Environmental initiative by providing them with rental of pro-bono Sit-On-Top Kayaks. Our instructors also participated in this event by volunteering to help with the Clean Up efforts, as well as filling the role of Expedition Leaders, leading the group kayaking from Sembawang Park towards Seletar Island, picking up litter in the sea en route! It was a memorable day for both participants and CAMP CHALLENGE’s instructors, experiencing picking up litter while being on kayaks!

Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre Family Bonding Event 2018

On 15th Dec 2018, CAMP CHALLENGE and our sister companies, FOCUS Adventure and Outdoor Adventures came together for a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme which involved organizing a pro-bono Family Bonding Event for underprivileged families from Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre! The objective of this event was to bring the families closer and support them in being a pillar of support for one another.

The day started with cartoon movie screening, followed by team-bonding activities which families partook in with the kids! We also had a mini “play” corner for younger kids aged 5 years old and below, to build unique Lego pieces and color creatively! Both families and our instructors had lots of FUN!

Christmas @ Admiralty 2018

CAMP CHALLENGE collaborated with Care Corner Family Service Centre (Admiralty) on 6th December for a Christmas @ Admiralty event! The event was opened to beneficiaries from Care Corner Family Service Centre and the special components include having Games Booth, organizing the programme flow as well as Emcee-ing the Christmas Party! The highlight of the event was Opening of the Committee Fridge, which provides groceries for underprivileged families. This fridge was placed in the Community Centre and is open to anyone in the estate to contribute for the less fortunate.

The Arrival of Guest-of-Honour, Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure & Minister for Transport, also the MP for Sembawang GRC, was graced by our instructor in CAMP CHALLENGE, Ali! He was the Emcee for the event and brought joy and laughter to the residents in Sembawang with his jokes and funny antics!

Our volunteers assisted throughout the dinner and event, having fun themselves with the beneficiaries. Happy Holidays to all!

Life Community Services Society – Friends of Children & Youth (FOC&Y)

22 June 2018

On 22 June 2018, CAMP CHALLENGE’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team came together to organize a pro-bono team building programme for Life Community Services Society (Friends of Children & Youth (FOC&Y). The learning outcomes of this programme was to allow beneficiaries from LCSS participate in Experiential Learning activities that will increase their Emotion Quotient (managing of emotions), improve Decision Making (positive thinking when facing problems), and also to build Social Skills. The beneficiaries participated in our Mobile Adventure Programmes and High Elements, which encouraged them to work harmoniously and also to gain self-esteem. Our beneficiaries learnt a lot had lots of fun!

CAMP Simba 2018

On 2nd June 2018, CAMP CHALLENGE partnered with CAMP Simba to offer a subsidized Carnival-styled programme at our campsite in Sembawang. CAMP Simba is organized by a group of students from Duke-NUS Medical School and Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine for children of parents afflicted with cancer. The activities were Archery Combat, Laser Combat and High Elements. The event was a huge success and the children enjoyed themselves very much!

Singapore Children’s Society Walk for Our Children 2015

On 6th September 2015, Singapore Children’s Society organised its’ annual 3 km walkathon and carnival, “Walk for our Children 2015” at Palawan Beach, Sentosa. Through this signature fund-raising event, SCS aimed not only to encourage family bonding and fun, but also promote the spirit of charity.

Along with 20 over organisations and companies, FOCUS Adventure, CAMP CHALLENGE and Outdoor Adventure came together to set up a game booth to raise funds for the various beneficiaries under SCS. The “Finger Blaster” game stall was set up and managed by a team of 8 volunteers from across the three companies. Although the main target group were the children, many parents and teenagers joined in the fun as well! Knowing our earnings would contribute directly to the children in need, extra dedication was put in by all of our volunteers. The experience gained from this carnival was valuable and we look forward to being involved and contributing in future similar events again!

CAMP Simba 2015

CAMP Simba 2015 was a camp for children of cancer patients. It was organized and conducted by students of Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. The purpose of the camp was to provide kids whose love ones have or have had cancer a three-day retreat experience to relax and have fun.

CAMP CHALLENGE is very proud to be given the opportunity to contribute, through the sponsorship of our site and facilities in Sentosa. Our partners were also involved in the camp, conducting the Rafting Challenge on the first day of the programme.

CAMP CHALLENGE Christmas Gift Exchange

Christmas is the season of giving and this year, CAMP CHALLENGE decided to give back to the society.

On the 22nd of December 2015, CAMP CHALLENGE visited HomeSweetHome@Admiralty with gifts gathered from us and the staff of our sister company, FOCUS Adventure. The purpose of this donation was to put a more fulfilling spin on our annual Christmas gift exchange and to share the joy of gifts with the children in this festive season.

We are honored to have such an opportunity to contribute to the Home and hope to continue making the festivities special for the needy around us!

Subsidized Programmes in 2014

These 6 welfare organizations have benefited from our subsidized/pro bono programmes and services in 2014.

In 2014, CAMP CHALLENGE gave out close to $35,000 in subsidies to various welfare organizations and this has benefited approximately 1300 youths.

Singapore Children’s Society

From the 25th to 27th of November 2013, Singapore Children’s Society conducted a 3-day overnight camp for about 30 youths. The purpose of this camp was to remind the children to be more appreciative and grateful for the simple things in life, like having a roof over their heads, electricity, parents to take care of them and for being a normal kid who can see and move freely. During the camp, children had to ‘earn money’ to buy ingredients, cook dinner for their team mates, sleep in tents and also wake up early in the morning to help wash their team mates’ clothes.

Aside from subsidizing the full cost of our facilities and venue, CAMP CHALLENGE also conducted a series of activities for the children, such as campfire, outdoor games and outdoor cooking.

Melrose Children’s Home

On the 14th of November 2013, CAMP CHALLENGE subsidized a full day programme for 5 youths from Melrose Children’s Home.They took part in activities such as high and low elements as well as the Laser Combat Challenge. We would also like to thank our 4 volunteers – Amelia, Wai Eng, Dalilah and Syafiqah for contributing their time and effort.

Singapore Children’s Society – CABIN Club Camp 2013 “Camp Chefia”

The annual CABIN Club Camp was held on the 5th to 7th November 2013. The theme “Leading with Heart” focuses on leadership skills while caring for others.

This year, Camp Chefia (Chefia means Leadership in Portuguese) has 3 objectives in mind.

First, campers are to be involved in events management whereby the final product is to be presented at our Entertainment Night which is the highlight of the camp.Second, campers have to take part in an Experiential Learning while understanding issues of being physically challenge. One of the 3-parts segments included a talk given by our very own Gold Medalist Paralympian, Miss Yip Pin Xiu where she shared with us on her challenges and achievements.Lastly, Camp Chefia hopes to create a fun and engaging experience for the youths to enhance their leadership skills and emphasizing on our core values of Resilience, Respect and Responsibility.

All in all, the youths benefited from this camp, not only in an engaging and fun way but also the learning points that was debriefed at the end of each day!

CAMP CHALLENGE is a proud venue and facilities sponsor of this camp.

Children’s Society, Youth Centre (Jurong)

On the 6th of September 2013, CAMP CHALLENGE conducted a 3-hour High Elements programme for 30 youths, aged between 8 to 19, from the Children’s Society. This programme was offered to the Society at full subsidized rate, as part of CAMP CHALLENGE‘s continuous effort in fulfilling its social mission. We also want to say a big thank-you to the instructors for their voluntary effort.

Tinkle Friend CAMP 2013 – Children’s Society

CAMP CHALLENGE was proud to be part of Singapore Children’s Society Tinkle Friend CAMP 2013, from 11th and 13th June. Aside from sponsoring our facilities during this 3-day camp, we also had the opportunity to volunteer our services and expertise in the Challenge Rope Course segments. Volunteers include full time and associate partners from both CAMP CHALLENGE and our sister company, FOCUS Adventure.

Project Yusra (NTUMS) Team ExCELLence

Project Yusra is a newly organized project by Nanyang Technological University Muslim Society (NTUMS) and one of their social mission is to enrich, engage and empower underprivileged youth. On the 6th of June 2013, CAMP CHALLENGE hosted a group of selected youth for a half day adventure learning. The purpose of the programme was to help these youth develop and increase their self-esteem and self-confidence.

South East Community Development Council, 14D13N Leadership/Community Involvement Programme in Bandung

On the 8th of December 2012, our instructors Min and Pradeep joined 21 Singapore youths on a 14 day trip to Bandung. This programme was organized by South East CDC and Min and Pradeep were invited as facilitators. Beside cultural exchange and service learning, this programme was also design to give the Singapore youth opportunities to apply their leadership skill in a different environment.

CAMP CHALLENGE and Ang Mo Kio Family Services Centres @ Lazarus Island

CAMP CHALLENGE, together with our sister company FOCUS Adventure, was privileged to be a sponsor of NUSS Island Adventures, a charity event jointly organised by The National University of Singapore Society (NUSS) and the Singapore Power Boat Association (SPBA). This charity event is a community outreach programme for 40 children from the Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centres (AMK FSC). Other sponsors of this event include ONE°15 and the Sea Scouts. NUSS Island Adventures happened on Saturday, 20 October 2012.

The children from AMK FSC receive family and welfare services from the Centres and are part of their Youth Infinity (YI) programme, which aims to empower and connect the participating youths to the community. Their aim is to “Unleash the infinite Potential of youth”.

FOCUS Adventure sponsored two yachts to ferry the children from ONE°15 to Lazarus Island. Upon arrival at the island, the children participated in two extremely popular CAMP CHALLENGE activities – The Laser Combat Challenge! And The Kayaking Challenge! While having loads of fun, the children were taught important skills such as teamwork, trust, communication and confidence.

It was a priceless experience for both CAMP CHALLENGE and the children from AMK FSC. We are honoured to have such an opportunity to contribute to this meaningful event!