Challenge Course Construction

CAMP CHALLENGE specializes in the design and construction of standard challenge ropes courses such as High Elements as well as innovative structures such as the Team Challenge Hourglass. Our department that oversees all construction matters is called B.I.L.M.E.D. and it offers 6 different types of services:

Construction of adventure related activities, facilities and amenities.

Physical inspection of elements. Structural endorsement by P.E is also available.

Planning and management of resources and transportation.

Preservation of facilities and repair work to maintain structural integrity and aesthetics.

Supply and procurement of equipment.

Conceptualize ideas into drawings and blueprints.

B.I.L.M.E.D serves as an one-stop service centre that covers all building and construction needs. Additionally, we could also be engaged for each of the 6 services individually.

To learn more about B.I.L.M.E.D services, email