Testimonials from Teachers and CAMP Organisers – 2019

Team ExCELLence, 3 December 2019

Responsive and able to create tailor-made activities for the youths

— Ms Sophie Gay

West Coast Community Centre YEC
Sea ExCELLenc, 24 November 2019

Event was successful thanks to the team. All expectation and requirements were met. Team even accommodated to request like asking for instructors to wait at foyer to receive the group etc. Multiple adjustments to the lesson plan were made and accommodated to rightly.

— Mr Thia Zheng Long

Temasek Junior College – DEFY Camp
Team ExCELLence, 23 November 2019

Working with CAMP CHALLENGE made the camp really enjoyable to our participants as many of them were able to defy their limits through the TCH and many noted that it really made their experiences even without the bungee jumping.

— Ms Esther Mok

Hampton Preschool (23 pax)
Preschool ExCELLence, 21 – 22 November 2019

The instructors ensured safety and fun at all times. They did an excellent job and my children cannot stop singing the songs taught by them. It was indeed a very memorable CAMP and I would like to extend my heartfelt thank you to the beautiful instructors who were ever so caring and enthusiastic at all times.

— Ms Karthiga Nadarajan 

Seng Kang Secondary School 
Team ExCELLence & In-Support, 21 – 22 November 2019

The team of Instructors were versatile and able to adapt to changes to quickly. The facilitation was well done. Special mention to Hakim, Iqmal, Marcus and Sabrina. Vincy, the programme manager was also accommodating and quick in acceding to our requests.

— Mr Khyber Singh

Methodist Girls’ School
Challenger Sports – Dragon Boat, 21 November 2019

The administrative elements of the whole process was rather seamless. Thank you!

— Ms Janine Poon

Ngee Ann Secondary School 
Leadership ExCELLence, 11 November 2019

Prompt response, activities are well structured with clear objectives, instructors are mostly engaging

— Ms Fortuna Wong


Expedition Learning, 6 – 8 November 2019

Meals differed from what was requested. For example, the same breakfast was served.Otherwise, I would like to thank CC for the positive experience. You guys took steps to factor in our last-minute request for changes. These changes were as a result of conditions that occurred as the programme unfolded. When possible, CC had also advised us while counter-proposing alternatives. In the end, it was a joint-decision, ensuring that our views were heard while your professionalism looked after the safety aspects. Thank you.

— Mr Tan Hee Pheng

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bedok Reservoir-Punggol
Preschool ExCELLence, 31 October 2019

Children and parents enjoyed themselves.The food was good. The space is big but a bit run down. Need a bit of renovation especially the toilet. Activities were fun and children enjoyed the games. They learned a new game, The Dragon game. The low elements course built confidence in timid children. Children also enjoyed the camp fire, it was a new experience for them. We also receive positive feedback from parents. Thank you for the great experience.

— Ms Juliana Sulaiman 

Juying Primary School 
Strengths-Based Career Educational Guidance Programme, 25 October 2019

The professionalism of the facilitators. Appropriate pairing of facilitators with class. Structured and interesting programmes.

— Mdm Nur Liyana

School of Arts Singapore 
Team ExCELLence, 24 October 2019

The facilitators were engaging and managed to build good rapport with the students within a short time frame. The activities organised were tailored to suit the profile of the students.

— Ms Wynn Chew

Cambridge Preschool
Preschool ExCELLence, 11 – 12 October 2019

It was a fun-filled experience for my K2 children. They had learnt to be independent and how to cooperate with their team. Well done to the CAMP CHALLENGE.

— Mr Edzel

Friends of the Fatherless 
Facilities In-Support, 29 September – 10 October 2019

The Campsite is in good location. Very quiet and peaceful. I would like to see the campsite become the best facility it could be and would encourage the owners to spend the capital to bring the facility to its optimum best. I saw during our stay the many young people that attend the camp. The programs available I do not see in many other places in Singapore and I would hate to see the campsite be developed into something other than a place for young people. It is a great place for the youth of Singapore and Internationally to use. We enjoyed our stay. Thanks to all the staff.

— Mr Lance Hall

Anglican High School 
Leadership ExCELLence, 14 October 2019

Erwin was very organised and managed his team well to achieve the objectives of the programme. His learning points and sharing were also aligned to our school’s direction in character development.

— Mr Martin Yong

Al-Muttaqin Mosque Kindergarten
Preschool ExCELLence, 11 September 2019

The instructors are supportive and very encouraging. The children really enjoyed the obstacle activity and are more confident. Thank you for facilitating our children through the activities. Well done to all.

— Ms Saedah Ali

Teck Whye Primary School 
Team ExCELLence, 2 – 4 September 2019

Most of the instructors are engaging and facilitate pupils’ learning experience well. Very receptive to feedback and changes were made immediately.

Nightly feedback given were taken positively. Campfire was well-organised according to the theme.

— Ms Joyce Liew 

Nanyang Technological University Crescent Hall FOC 
External Campfire Setup In-Support, 3 August 2019

Staffs were amicable and helpful. Good pricing. Offered a wonderful experience for my freshmen.

— Mr Wen Zhe Leo 

ITE College East
Team ExCELLence, 27 July 2019

We are extremely grateful for Yu Ling and Ali for helping us in creating and guiding us during the event. It was an honour to work with CAMP CHALLENGE and I will definitely recommend CAMP CHALLENGE to other organisations.

— Ms Joanna Nayar

MERCU Learning Point 
Leadership ExCELLence, 8 July 2019

Thank you to Santina, CAMP Chief Sean, and the rest who made the CAMP fun and interesting for our students. We will definitely look forward to working with you guys again.

— Mr Lim Zhi Yuan

Grace Orchard School
Team ExCELLence, 4 – 6 July 2019

1) Enquiries and suggestions were acted out immediately.

2) Instructors were good in guiding and motivating the students.

3) Activities were planned out according to the needs of the students.

— Mr Abel S/O Christopher Ravy 

Gongshang Primary School 
Team ExCELLence, 27 – 28 June 2019

The permanent staff from CAMP CHALLENGE, namely Trudy and Wan were very accommodating and responded well to our requests. They are professional in running the camp. Thank you for the experience.

— Mdm Norizah Maakiap

Chongfu School 
High Elements, 27 & 28 June 2019

Vincy and CAMP CHALLENGE has been a joy to work with.

— Mr Lee Shi Ren

East Spring Secondary School
Leadership ExCELLence, 24 & 26 June 2019

Professional, awesome service, hardworking.

— Ms Fardyana Abdul Aziz 

Team ExCELLence, 19 June 2019

Santina and team did a great job in ensuring the success of the camp. Despite a rather short runway of two weeks to plan everything, it was handled professionally and very timely communications were made. During the camp the camp chief and trainers were very welcoming and engaged the participants warmly and effectively. The programme was also amended and changed to better suit the participants as many of them have been to CAMP CHALLENGE before and they wanted to experience something new. I am very pleased with the efforts and hospitality of the entire team. I am looking forward to the next engagement with CAMP CHALLENGE.

— Mr Ghajenthran

CROSSROAD Youth Centre, Care Corner Singapore
Team ExCELLence, 19 June 2019

Thank you for the support provided to us for the Guidance Programme Enrichment, it was a meaningful experience and the youths were adequately challenged. Would like to thank the instructors for being accommodating and patient towards our youths. We would certainly explore future engagements with CAMP CHALLENGE again. See you guys around

— Mr Remington Heng

Life Community Services Society 
Team ExCELLence, 19 June 2019

The instructors were engaging!

— Ms Regina Khoo

NYAA Gold – Outdoor Appreciation 
Expedition Learning in Okinawa, Japan, 16 – 21 June 2019

The trip is well organised and the participants have a lot of fun. We have good updates along the way from the Instructors and that’s helpful. Really appreciate all the efforts that have been put up by Berwin and Nithiya to make the trip a safe, fun and memorable one.

— Mrs Iwan Ang

National Student Leadership Conference
Team ExCELLence, 15 June 2019

The staff was fun and full of energy. A great way to start our time in Singapore!

— Ms Patty Hester

Team ExCELLence, 10 – 12 June 2019

Programme ran smoothly with the participants giving positive feedback about their experience.

— Mr Benjamin Wong

National Junior College
Leadership ExCELLence, 6 – 7 June 2019

The instructors were professional and able to accommodate my requests. The activities were generally well-planned and appropriate for the students.

— Mr Samuel Tan

Bendemeer Secondary School 
Leadership ExCELLence, 3 – 4 June 2019

The instructors were always energetic and able to engage the students and to keep their energy level high. At the same time, they were able to get students in a reflective mode when facilitating learning points. We appreciate also that the CAMP Chief and instructors work closely with our teachers in ensuring that the programme meets our learning objectives, and they are able to make adjustments where necessary.

— Ms Erin Tan

HELP Family Service Centre
Team ExCELLence, 1 June 2019

It has been an enriching and fruitful experience. Thank you instructors for your dedication.

— Mr Jadsen Lee

Ngee Ann Secondary School
Facilities In-Support, 27 April 2019

Thank you Yu Ling for making this event a success. All the equipment supplied and the instructors who were deployed were exceeding expectations. Cheers!

— Mr Don Liew

Assyafaah Mosque
Team ExCELLence, 14 April 2019

It is enjoyable and fun. Shout out to all the instructors both male and female all of them are ‘gerek’. My best prayer to you and your team.

— Mr Muhammad Huzaifah Izhar

Bukit Merah Secondary School
Team ExCELLence, 3 – 5 April 2019

The activities were fun and engaging and the students enjoyed themselves.

— Mr Anthony Fang

Ai Tong School
Team ExCELLence, 3 – 5 April 2019

Thank you for providing the meaningful and enriching experiential learning for the students. Generally, the teachers are satisfied with the services provided, especially the quality of the instructors.

— Mr Nicholas Morand

Chongzheng Primary School
Team ExCELLence, 29 – 30 March 2019

Trainers and facilitators are flexible and accommodated special requests.

— Mdm Maznah

Singapore Polytechnic Student Union 
Facilities In-Support, 21 – 24 March 2019

The services are great! Thank you!

— Ms Wong Shi Qi

Time Out Smarties 
Team ExCELLence, 20 March 2019

Our students enjoyed themselves through the team building activities.

— Ms Xin Yan

Ngee Ann Secondary School – Advanced Leadership Training Camp
Leadership ExCELLence, 18 – 20 March 2019

Actually everything had been positive, especially the proper debrief conducted and the various strategies used to engaged students in reflection. Thank you!

— Ms Fortuna Wong

Bukit Panjang Primary School
Leadership ExCELLence, 18 March 2019

Appreciate the service and assistance given by Yu Ling and Sheena from pre to post activity. All aspect were taken care of with regards to the activities.

— Mr Saifudin Bin Mohammed Amin 

Sion Presbyterian Church 
Leadership ExCELLence, 16 March 2019

Fun and wonderful experiences. Instructors were well trained, fun and engaging. Overall everyone had a great time!

— Ms Janice Lim

Park View Primary School 
Team ExCELLence, 14 – 15 March 2019

Thank you Vincy for her excellent support and great professionalism.

— Ms Lip Seng Tay 

New Town Secondary School 
Team ExCELLence, 13 – 15 March 2019

Made immediate changes/adjustments based on our needs and requirements. CAMP commandant Hadi was professional, humble and reliable in his dealings with us.

— Ms Tham Jing Quan

ITE College West 
Leadership ExCELLence, 8 – 9 March 2019

Coordinator Farizah is always prompt in addressing our queries and does her best to accede to our requests. The team of experienced instructors were able to effectively deliver learning points and communicate with the participants.

— Mr Kelvin Koh

Hillgrove Secondary School 
Team ExCELLence, 5 – 8 March 2019

The whole CAMP experience has been a pleasant one from planning to execution. Overall, Trudy and Nicholas have been very responsive and accommodating to our requests to ensure that our students have a positive CAMP experience. During the CAMP , they have been very supportive to both teachers and students.

— Mr Teo Yee Ann

Nanyang Primary School
Team ExCELLence, 21 – 23 January 2019

Once again, the instructors for this CAMP were very professional. They could link the school values to the activities and they were firm when handling any discipline cases. Thank you, CAMP CHALLENGE

— Mdm Ng Kang Leng

Hougang Primary School 
Team ExCELLence, 16 – 18January 2019

Accommodating and helpful to ad-hoc requests within short notices even. Thank you

— Mr Kassidy Bin Kamis

Victoria Junior College
Team ExCELLence, 9 – 11 January 2019

Overall, it was a successful CAMP. Campsite was much cleaner this time. Thanks!

— Mr Russell Woo