Our Instructors

Instructor Development Programme

Our team of instructors are central to our youth development movement and the Instructor Development Programme (IDP) is the framework that guides their growth and development. Our IDP framework is aligned to the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA). By going through the IDP, instructors will also complete the necessary requirements for them to achieve the NYAA Gold.

In order for CAMP CHALLENGE to reach out to and positively impact as many youths as we possibly can, we need to have a team of well-developed instructors.

As illustrated by this picture of two rotating gears, when the smaller gear is well-oiled and turning efficiently, it will lead to the bigger gear rotating even more, causing a larger positive impact on our participants!

IDP components include

  • National Youth Achievement Award
  • Alpha Challenge Scholarship
  • Instructor Progression Structure
  • Training and Courses for Outdoor Adventure Learning skills

Our IDP aspires to

  • Build a community of instructors who are committed to self development.
  • Positively impact the lives of CAMP CHALLENGE instructors.
  • Talent-spot youths with the right attitude, skill and knowledge to join our sister company, FOCUS Adventure as corporate adventure learning facilitators.

Benefits of joining our IDP

  • Subsidized NYAA programme for those who are eligible (under the age of 30)
  • Attend in-house training
  • Subsidized courses for outdoor adventure skills (kayaking, sport climbing, facilitation skills, etc)
  • ‘Train-the-trainers’ opportunities with new instructors
  • Invitation to CAMP CHALLENGE outings and events
  • Career opportunity with CAMP CHALLENGE or our sister companies – FOCUS Adventure, Outdoor Adventures, and P1 Powerboats
  • Alpha Challenge Scholarship to further studies

With effect from 1st May 2017, CAMP CHALLENGE has introduced a non-compete policy for associate instructors. Instructors in CAMP CHALLENGE will undergo intensive training, which requires heavy investments of time and money. This policy is to ensure that our investments are not lost and to give us the assurance to continue to invest in the development of our instructors.

To learn more about our IDP or to express interest in joining our team, please email Instructors@CAMP-CHALLENGE.com.