Challenger Sports Track and Field Meet

Challenger Sports, the sports department of CAMP CHALLENGE, offers a wide variety of sports-related programmes, one of which is our annual Challenger Sports Track & Field Meet.

The inaugural Challenger Sports Track & Field Meet was launched in November 2015 to great success. In 2016, the Meet was held on 5 Nov at Bishan Stadium.

Many primary participating school students typically are only able to compete with athletes from their own schools and thus there is a great lack of competition opportunities for them. With our Meet, we aim to expand the Track & Field community for these young athletes, thus providing them with greater exposure to competitions and boosting their sportsmanship and self confidence. Additionally, we align our meet to the national standards such as using Photo Finish to determine the winner and timing of each race.

Another aim of our Meet is to help establish Track & Field as a popular spectator sport. Families and friends of the young athletes spend a morning supporting and cheering on their children, which rarely happens for Track & Field events held internally in Participating schools.

Past Meets: Number of Young Athletes Who Participated

In 2015


Ran at Kallang Practice Track

In 2016


Ran at Bishan Stadium

– To help establish Track & Field as a popular spectator sport
– To provide a friendly competitive playing field during the off season of Primary School Track and Field Season.
– To offer schools an opportunity to expose their athletes to more competitions in relation to track and field.
– To promote friendship amongst athletes.
– To provide additional drive for our Social Movement, as a portion of the registration fees collected ($2 of every $5) will be donated to Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) Track and Field team for their purchases of training equipment and apparels.

– 100m Sprint
– 300m Sprint
– 600m Sprint
– 4 x 100m Relay
– 800m Medley Relay
– 6 x 60m Shuttle Relay
– Shotput
– Long Jump