Green Campfire Initiative

From 2020, CAMP CHALLENGE will be starting on a new sustainable initiative by introducing our Green Campfire. Instead of burning wood, we will use a LED Campfire decorated with real wood laid outside.

Why a Green Campfire?

  1. In olden days, campfires were meant to keep out the cold, wild animals and to cook.
  2. For a modern sing-song campfire, no real fires are actually required.
  3. In 2 to 3 hours of burning wood, the carbon footprint created is enormous, unsustainable and extremely unfriendly to our environment.
  4. There are no safety issues with a green campfire and there will be no mess to clear after the activity.


We are moving with this initiative as our default mode of campfires and we hope that many people will stand with us to subscribe and support this movement! Let’s keep our campfire GREEN and be environmentally friendly in our outdoor adventures!