Preschool ExCELLence

In the city jungle of Singapore, our children are experiencing fewer opportunities to experience outdoor learning, and because outdoor play is essential part of being a child, we must find a variety of ways to provide quality outdoor play experiences for them.

Preschool ExCELLence is a programme that is designed to expose preschoolers to the outdoors. Our action-packed & age-appropriate activities are designed to stimulate the challenges in life and nurture the 6 learning dispositions (PRAISE) from the Kindergarten Curriculum Framework.

Learning Objectives

Our customizable Preschool ExCELLence programme aims to encourage preschoolers to

  • Accept challenges and stretch beyond perceived limits
  • Become aware of their own strengths & weaknesses
  • Develop better team spirit & interpersonal skills
  • Boost their confidence in trying out new things
  • Most importantly, have FUN!

Activity Gallery

Preschool ExCELLence Quick Facts!

  • We integrate 6 learning dispositions (PRAISE) from the Kindergarten Curriculum Framework in everything we do.
  • 10:1 Preschooler to Instructor ratio provides you the security of a safe & highly-supervised program
  • We’re all about having fun, being independent, making friends, and challenging yourself to try out new things!

Please call us at (+65) 6257 4427 or email to find out more about our CAMPs and programmes for preschoolers!