Testimonials from Teachers and CAMP Organisers – 2015

Canberra Community Club, In-Support (Campfire)
26 December 2015

The staffs were awesome and helpful. They are able to adapt to last minute changes and still run the event smoothly.

Students Care Service, In-Support (Pro bono)
24 – 26 Nov 2015


MINDS, In-Support (Pro bono)
3 – 4 December 2015

This was the second time the MINDS Siblings Team engaged the services from CAMP CHALLENGE, from a half day event to a 2D1N CAMP, we have once again received prompt and kind assistance from the CAMP CHALLENGE team. Special thanks to Elaine and Rafting Team for all assistance rendered to our team. We appreciate CAMP CHALLENGE’s generosity in providing us with the required manpower and facilities for our OHANA camp in ensuring that our participants receive the comfort during their night rest and safety lookout during rafting activity. What’s more, one of our biggest challenge was ‘Parking’ which Elaine had kindly met me for my recce of the venue and had patiently attend to all my queries and requests. Without CAMP CHALLENGE’s support, this camp wouldn’t have been possible! Thank you!

The Salvation Army (Prison Support Services), In-Support
10 – 11 December 2015

Hi Kassandra and team at CAMP CHALLENGE,

On behalf of The Salvation Army, Prison Support Services, Kids-In-Play, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you and your team for gracefully helping us out in the planning and execution of our Children’s camp 2015. It was a success! Our children enjoyed themselves thoroughly, not only in the camp fire, but also in the dormitories where they slept as it was a wonderful first time experience for some of them. I believed our children gained some invaluable lessons from staying there, be it leadership or independent skills.

Our sincere thanks to the staff who were involved in the high and low elements activity as they were able to carry out alternative activities in such a short time and still carry them out in such an engaging manner!

Our sincere thanks to the staff who stayed back late to help us set up and tear down the campfire site, and also to the staff who set up the audio and display at the MPH on day one.

It has been a pleasure and we look forward to partnering with Camp Challenge in future again.

Thank you once again and have a great day. Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance :)

Billy Tan

ArchitectsofLife, High Elements
3 December 2015

The instructors were very engaging, and made learning fun for the youth. They also created an atmosphere that was positive and encouraging for the youth. The pre-program support from Sylvia was very professional, and she was very responsive in attending to all our enquiries.

Students Care Service, In-Support (Pro Bono)
13 – 14 November 2015

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Thank you for having us in your campsite! It had been a great experience for our students and they really enjoyed the stay. Would like to also thank Elaine who had helped us through. Thank you once again for sponsoring our camp!

Best regards,


Anglican High School, Team ExCELLence
8 November 2015

Emails and enquiries were promptly replied to by Yu Ling. All the trainers were professional and exceptional in rendering their outstanding service and supportive of our students needs. Especially to Am who had kindly supervise one of the girls who were scared of water.

— Ms Nur Zahira

Yangzheng Primary School, Elective Modules (P6 Inter-class Games and Sports Exposure)
23rd & 26th October 2015

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank your team for a job well done. Despite the hazy conditions, the pupils and teachers enjoyed themselves thoroughly. This also includes the 2 replacement activities. For the second day, my colleagues at the bowling alley were full of praises for the team that was deployed to manage and coach the pupils. They found this year’s bowling experience much more enriching because there were people coaching the pupils how to bowl before the “competition”.

— Mr Simon Lee, Teacher in-charge

Northbrooks Secondary School, Leadership ExCELLence (SOaR Programme)
June – October 2015 (10 sessions)


I would really like to thank CAMP CHALLENGE and especially Wendy and Pradeep for their services to Northbrooks for the few years. They have been very professional and all of our ad hoc and last minutes requests were always taken care of. The trainers are always well-prepared for the activities and carried on with them no matter how small the number of students there were. The students built a strong relationship with the trainers and we appreciate them for going the extra steps. Thank you CAMP CHALLENGE for your services and it was a great pleasure working with you.

— Miss Sumithra Nair, Teacher in-charge

Towner Gardens, Leadership ExCELLence
4th – 5th September 2015


“The team of teachers and the student leaders would like to express our sincere thanks to you, Hairi and your team of instructors/trainers (Aind, Nina, Norman, Kenneth, CK & Joachim).

The team’s professionalism in handling our students and the effort put in the well thought games and activities were impressive even though it was pro bono.

We are sure the student leaders have taken away the learning and memories that will last them for a long time…”

— Agnes and Cecilia, Organizers

“The camp and program was well-organised.”

“Trainers were very friendly, enthusiastic and professional.”

“The trainers/instructors are well-qualified to conduct the camp activities. They are warm & friendly. They have been very open to suggestions and have taken the students’ abilities & safety into consideration in their planning and management. They have volunteered their services and carried out well. Kudos to them!”

“Most activities were well-paced and appropriate, particularly the Blind Man’s Walk. The gradual increase in the level of confidence as shown by some students were indeed heart-warming.”

“The staff and pupils ratio is just nice and the instructors were awesome – Friendly, helpful and approachable.”

— Teachers

“Thank you Lina and team for your great outreach to my students at TGS.

My staff informed me of the meaningful time the students had and I want to thank you all personally for making a difference In the lives of my students and staff.

My students must have felt acceptance as you mingle with them, and coaching them in the different leadership skills Your understanding and patience displayed have given them more confidence to move forward and to learn as much as they can.

Thank you again and hope that you will continue to impact more lives in your mission.”

— Cindy Lim, Principal

CAMP Simba
5th June 2015

Duke-NUS-1 Duke-NUS-2

“Camp Simba saw a successful end on Sunday and on behalf of the organization committee and all our campers, I’d like to thank you sincerely for your help and support on day 1 of our program, and for corresponding with us months in advance to make it all possible! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves with the raft building exercise.”

— Cindy Zhu, Organizer

PPIS Child Development Centre (Bedok Reservoir), Preschool ExCELLence
29th – 30th May 2015


“The instructors have done a very good job in ensuring that all the children had fun and enjoyed the camp through out the 2 days, 1 night! Thumbs up!!!!”

— Ms Fadhilah Abdul Rahman, Principal

Singapore Association for the Deaf, Team ExCELLence
10th – 11th April 2015



“I am impressed by your camp instructors who are willing to mingle with the Deaf participants. Well done, keep it up.”

James Ong, Organizer

Eunos Primary School, Team ExCELLence
6th – 8th April 2015

Ms Lina and her team of trainers provided a wonderful camping experience for my P5 students. The trainers were on-task and were able to lead my students in a fun and engaging manner. The campfire night was very memorable and the additional logistical requirements of seating arrangements and meals for my parents who attended the event were very well organised. Overall, it was an awesome job!

— Mr Jackmond Tok, Eunos Primary School

St Francis Methodist School, Team ExCELLence
5th – 7th February 2015



“Overall, the team did a commendable job from pre-planning to executing the programme. Well done CAMP CHALLENGE, the camp was a success”

— Sri Ganesh Yuwen Raman, Teacher

Youth Employment and Advancement Hub (YEAH!), Leadership ExCELLence

The positive energy of the facilitators was infectious.