Testimonials from Teachers and CAMP Organisers – 2016

Eternal Life Assembly, In-Support

18 – 21 December 2016

Staff were open and receptive to our feedback. Thank you!

— Mr Anthony Chua


The Salvation Army (Teen’s camp), In-Support & Team ExCELLence

18 – 21 December 2016

The staff is the star of the show. They carried the event, the camp, the activities and just make it so much more enjoyable with them around. Very experienced in engaging children too.

— Mr Billy Tan


NUS Ridge View Residential College (RVRC), Team ExCELLence

10 – 11 December 2016

My enquiries pre-programme and during the programme were well managed. Instructors on the ground are able to accommodate last minute request and changes.

— Ms Cheer Chong

Youth Employment & Advancement Hub (YEAH!), Leadership ExCELLence

8 – 9 December 2016

The entire team managed the youths professionally.

— Ms Nithiyasri Subramaniam

Yayasan MENDAKI, Team ExCELLence

3 – 4 December 2016

We would like to thank Yu Ling for her commitment to make Mendaki’s Year End Camp enjoyable. Special thanks to all camp facilitators that supported the groups with their high energy and continuous care.

— Mr Hafiz Khalid

Students Care Service, Team ExCELLence

1 – 2 December 2016

Dearest Wendy,

Thank you so much for your generosity and initiatives to go the extra mile for our girls. It was indeed a wonderful experience we had at CAMP CHALLENGE.

Once again, a big thank you for making our camp happen, given the limited budget we had. My colleague and myself were heartened and touched by the efforts you and your team had put in for us and our girls. Thank you for travelling down to SCS for the discussion, and providing us food, insurance and giving us many fun activities that helped the girls to bond and challenge their limits. We had a great time, and will look forward to more collaborations next year. I’m delighted that some of my girls were inspired to become camp instructors. ☺ Well done!

On behalf of Hey BELLE, THANK YOU Wendy and CAMP CHALLENGE team!

— Ms Cheryl Ong Jie Wen

Bowen Secondary School (AIMs), NYAA Adventurous Journey

21 – 23 November 2016

There were ample opportunities for students to reflect. Sound leadership principles used were aligned to our school as framework to challenge the kids. The staff were extremely polite even after being called multiple times, the maintenance staff were also very helpful in ensuring that all equipment could was functional and can be easily accessed.

— Ms Sim Sze Hwei

Oodles Learning, Team ExCELLence

17 October 2016

Thank you CAMP CHALLENGE, our P6 students enjoyed the activities planned. Your instructors are very dedicated and experienced, they set the tone for the event from the start to the finish, they constantly encourage and guide our students during each activity. Our students were entertained by your instructors and we all had a great time.

— Ms Vanessa Heng

The Boys’ Brigade 2nd Singapore Company, High Elements

15 October 2016

The instructors were fun and engaging, as well as very accommodating to requests. They were also very patient with Boys who were having trouble with the obstacles.

— Mr Andrew Yu

Singapore Children’s Society (Toa Payoh), Team ExCELLence

15 October 2016

On behalf of the staff and families, thank you for the wonderful experience last Saturday. The families enjoyed themselves very much and the programme met most of their expectations – being happy and spending family time together! We look forward to working with you and your team next year ☺

— Ms Felicia Williams

Unity Primary School, Team ExCELLence

5 & 19 August, 23 & 30 September 2016

Thanks for a great Day CAMP experience ! Thanks guys =)

— Mr Kevin Chua

Global Indian International School (East Coast Campus), NYAA Bronze

28 – 29 September 2016

The students thoroughly enjoyed the activities. It was an excellent learning experience for them.

— Ms Deepa Sharma

River Valley High School, Team ExCELLence

26 – 27 September 2016

2 of your instructors were really professional and totally fit into our theme for the camp. One of them painted his face to demonstrate how to do camouflaging with the face paint. Another were very strict with the delivery of the hiking scenario and yet encouraging them and sharing with them the rationale after the delivery.

— Mr Ang Thiam Piew

PSB Academy, Team ExCELLence

24 September 2016

As this is the second time going back to CAMP CHALLENGE, I see that our PSB Academy student leaders were participative and willing to learn as much as they possibly can.

I think I will definitely go for a full 2 days 1 night camp programme with CAMP CHALLENGE for next year.

And I love how you guys send us off!!

— Ms Valerie Ko

Singapore Polytechnic Ambassadors, In-Support

13 – 15 September 2016

Hey Kassandra and Yu Ling,

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to your kind and excellent hospitality as well as your accommodation for any of our last minute changes to our original plans and the loaning of equipment during our stay in Camp Challenge.

It has definitely been one of the best experience and campsite we have ever had and we are grateful for this wonderful opportunity!

— Mr Sean Ow

Trybe – Community Rehabilitation Centre, Team ExCELLence (Family Bonding)

27 August 2016

The facilitators did an amazing job engaging both the residents and the families. It was a good experience for everyone there.

— Ms Azlitah Jaffar

Boys’ Brigade 15th Coy, High Elements

27 August 2016

The trainers were helpful and they explained the safety rules and the activity clearly to the students. The students were safe and happy under their care.

— Mr Seow Sheng Wei

Singapore Institute of Management (UB), In-Support

23 – 25 August 2016

The staff at CAMP CHALLENGE are very friendly and responds very quickly whenever we require assistance. Keep up the good job! We had a good time working with CAMP CHALLENGE!

— Gabriel & Grace 

Fuchun Secondary School, Team ExCELLence

4 – 6 August 2016

Transportation for 2nd day to Sungei Buloh was delayed, students reached the area a little but the activity was still carried out well. Instructors were able to engage even our (difficult) kids. The flow of events were smooth with very little intervention from teachers. Overall, a camp that was well-run and meets our objective.

— Mr Manoharan Ramasamy

Meridian Primary School, Sports Carnival

5 August 2016

The coordinator, Lina is responsive to our emails. She worked well with the teacher in-charge and SPE to coordinate the smooth running of the programmes.

— Ms Nadirah Jamadi

Swiss Cottage Secondary School, The Rafting Challenge!

3 August 2016

The instructors that led the rafting activity were well-prepared and could facilitate well. Good job!

— Ms Jamakyah Adhar

Trybe, Team ExCELLence (Pro bono)

29 July 2016

The boys enjoyed themselves and they took away good learning points such as working positively with others as a team.

— Ms Azlitah Jaffar

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia, In-Support

19 – 20 July 2016

It has been a great experience for the students of Embry-Riddle with the facilities that has been provided. It has helped the students to have a great start to their classes the following day.

— Ms Ros Shazwani

Students Care Service, In-Support (Pro bono)

15 – 16 July 2016

CAMP CHALLENGE has once again been of great support in the developmental work we are doing with our Youth COP leaders! The campsite is a wonderful place and suitable grounds for activities and the facilities were sufficient for us! Thank you CAMP CHALLENGE!

— Mr Jason Tan

Clementi Town Secondary School, Team ExCELLence

14 July 2016

The instructors were the most outstanding!

— Mr Kenneth Tan

SINDA (ITELP), In-Support

1 – 3 July 2016

Always a pleasure having our camps at CAMP CHALLENGE. The staff is always accommodating to our last minute requests and goes above the call of duty to ensure we have a pleasant stay.

— Mr Ram Prakash

NAFA, Leadership ExCELLence

23 – 24 June 2016

Trainers are full of energy!

— Ms Siew Tin Lee

Gavin’s Tuition, Team ExCELLence & In-Support

20 – 21 June 2016

The instructors were really friendly and open to answering any queries we had. With regards to programme, they were very adaptable and able to make changes to their programmes to accommodate us. Solid team to work with. Very thankful for the good experience with them!

The function room was solid, air con was working and area was clean. Hard court was free for us to use so no complains there. We had a wonderful barbecue session at the hard court. Sembawang park was very accesssible from camp Challenge. Lastly, restrooms were clean and well maintained however they were a bit far away from the function room. But small issue. Thanks!!

— Mr Chester Lee

Architects of Life, High Elements (Pro bono)

30 – 31 May 2016

The pre program support was very helpful, and Yu Ling was very understanding towards our needs and responsive towards our enquiries. The instructors were also encouraging towards the youth.

— Ms Low Yi Juan

AWWA Family Camp, Team ExCELLence (Pro bono)

28 – 29 May 2016

On behalf of my team and the families, we would like to thank you and your team of instructors for conducting such a fun and engaging camp for us last weekend! The families had a great time together and had an enjoyable experience.

Considering that it was our first time having a family camp, we did not know what to expect but everything went well, much thanks to having CAMP CHALLENGE on board! Thanks for the flexibility in accommodating to our last minute changes.

Looking forward to future collaborations!

— Ms Jesline Lee

North View Primary School, Team ExCELLence

28 May 2016

We are very happy with the services provided. Accommodated to our schedule and programs very well. The trainers were very PROFESSIONAL :).

— Ms Xin Yi Yeo

Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School, Team ExCELLence

27 – 28 May 2016

Kassandra is a very patient liaison. She did her best to address and fulfill my request and expectation. The programme for the camp was well planned and it was carried out smoothly. The camp instructors are friendly and they interact well with the pupils. They are young and full with energy. The pupils love them a lot. They are also very professional when they are carrying out all the segments for the camp. Great job guys! Overall, I have a great experience with CAMP CHALLENGE. Thank you.

— Ms Monica Heng

New Town Secondary School, Leadership ExCELLence

24 – 26 May 2016

Clean facilities and conducive environment. Conductors for kayaking and high elements were professional and gave clear instructions.

— Mr Jing Quan Tham

Trybe – Community Rehabilitation Centre, Team ExCELLence (Pro bono)

14 May 2016

Great job to the instructors who made such efforts to keep the energy level up, and engage all the residents despite the depressing weather.

Also appreciated the one to one conversations some instructors had with residents during free times.

— Mr Justin Loo, Acting Head

Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Team ExCELLence at Bintan Lagoon Resort

20 – 22 April 2016

The instructors in the camp have been very engaging to the students to make this trip a memorable one with good learning points for the students.The support for the programme has been excellent.

— Ms Foo Wei Ling & Ms Jaslyn Law

Singapore Children’s Society, Team ExCELLence (Pro bono)

16 April 2016

Trainers were organized and directed families well. They were also personable and interacted well with the families. It was a fun way of spending family time for the clients.

— Ms Xin Ying Tan

ACS International (Prefects), Leadership ExCELLence

9 April 2016

The positive energy of the facilitators was infectious.

— Ms Siew Hoon Tan

Ai Tong School, Team ExCELLence

4 – 6 April 2016

We appreciate and would like to commend both Elaine and Am for being adaptive and quick in their follow up to our last minute requests. They were not only efficient but effective even when subjected under stress of many circumstances throughout the camp. Keep up the good job Elaine and Am!

— Mr Nicholas Morand

Monfort Junior School, Team ExCELLence

22 – 24 Mar 2016

The instructors were very professional and experienced.

Henderson Secondary School, Team ExCELLence

7 – 9 Mar 2016

Facilities were adequate, facilitators were dedicated and would go the extra mile =)

— Ms Loretta Lee

Fairfield Methodist Primary School, Team ExCELLence

3 – 5 Mar 2016

The instructors were professional in carrying out their duties and made great efforts to bond with the students. Thank you very much.

East Spring Secondary School, Team ExCELLence

29 Feb – 2 Mar 2016

– Instructors are very engaging, full of energy. They are able to handle the students well. Keep it up! I feel the time for each station are well spread out. And good job for motivating them go conquer the heights, even to those who are the phobia. Low elements could be improved. The program for the 2C was good. CAMP CHALLENGE is very flexible with the timing and can accommodate to our request. The activities during the program fits well with the needs. The AGL did a fantastic job taking charge of the group. Was very impressed with them. Good job! Lastly, the teachers are very happy that they get to sleep in a dorm of 3.Thank you once again for the fantastic camp.

– Very accommodating with timely reply. Instructors had a good rapport with the students.

— Mr Lukman Rahim

Jesus Is Lord Church, In-Support

8 – 9 Feb 2016

CAMP CHALLENGE is a perfect venue for our church event. Hope that you would continue to develop or renovate the function halls, accommodations and most importantly the toilet.

Jing Shan Primary School, Team ExCELLence

2 – 4 Feb 2016

The camp was well-organised. The programme manager and camp chief were very receptive to feedback and were very quick in rendering assistance. The camp chief and instructors showed concern for the pupils and build good rapport with them.

Hougang Primary School, Team ExCELLence

27 – 29 Jan 2016

Interactive and engaging activities for the pupils.

— Mr Kassidy Bin Kamis

The Boy’s Brigade, High Elements

23 Jan 2016

The staffs are friendly and they conduct the activity with a smile on their faces

— Mr Minh Nguyen

Nanyang Primary School, Team ExCELLence

20 – 22 Jan 2016

This is probably one of the best P5 CAMP experience for our students and the school. The instructors were generally very engaging and professional in their interaction with the students and during the activities. Certain activities such as Kayaking, Photo Quiz, etc were cut short/cut due to time constraint or other reason was a slight pity to the programme component of the camp.

— Mr Mohammad Sharil

Ping Yi Secondary School, Leadership ExCELLence

7 – 8 Jan 2016

The programmes catered for the students were not the typical usual team bonding games. There were fresh and innovative ideas for the games played.