Exploration Based Experiential Activities

Exploration-Based Experiential Activities are immersive learning approaches that prioritize hands-on engagement, encouraging participants to actively explore and discover knowledge. These activities go beyond conventional teaching methods, fostering a deep understanding through direct experience.


Participants not only apply theoretical concepts in real-world scenarios but also embark on a journey of personal discovery and curiosity. The emphasis on personalized learning allows individuals to tailor their exploration, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Team collaboration is often integral, promoting effective communication and interpersonal development. As participants navigate challenges, they engage both physically and mentally, contributing to a holistic learning experience.


Reflection on these experiences becomes a crucial aspect, enabling participants to extract valuable insights and lessons for continuous learning and personal growth. Whether through outdoor adventures, problem-solving initiatives, or simulations, exploration-based experiential activities offer a dynamic and impactful path to acquiring meaningful learnings.

The Geocaching Challenge!

An outdoor treasure-hunt activity that utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) to move teams around. Each team will be given a GPS receiver to help them navigate through the terrain.

The Incredible Race!

Groups of small teams explore places of interest and heritage sites such as Orchard Road, Sentosa, Chinatown and Little India to hunt for clues, solve puzzles and compete in team challenges.

The Incredible USS Race!

The programme brings students to South East Asia’s first and only Universal Studios Theme Park. With full day all-access to the iconic spots within Universal Studios Singapore, get ready for a day of non-stop exhilaration filled with brain-racking trivial questionnaires and amazing challenges.

The Sentosa Adventure!

Experience Sentosa the CAMP CHALLENGE way! Working in teams, participants will visit attractions such as Underwater World and Fort Siloso to compete in team challenges. Aside from the attractions, activities such as The Banana Boat Challenge and The Laser Combat Challenge can also be incorporated into the programmes.