Little Explorers – Augmented Reality + Outdoor Education for Preschoolers!

Introducing our new activity specially crafted for our preschoolers! Moving away from conventional classroom-based learning, Augmented Reality (AR) in education provides participants to indulge in a brand new experience.

CAMP CHALLENGE has introduced a set of AR learning series involving different topics for our little preschool learners! From this AR experience, little learners can explore the outdoors with physical obstacles set up and also experience the virtual elements planted safely around the chosen venue.


Little Explorers – The Jungle Edition!

One of the topic will be animals that they can find in nature, from urban parks to wild jungles!

While exploring and wandering around our urban parks and gardens, they will find some virtual animals such as birds chirping at each other, rabbits hopping around, squirrels leaping on trees, cats playing around and more. Moving along to the “wild jungle” area, they can then find and learn more about animals such as owls, monitor lizards, bears and more! Our Little Explorers will be guided to recognize and describe each animal in various ways.

Trips to the safari or the zoo may take time to plan, whereas this activity allows us to bring all the amazing virtual creatures to meet our Little Explorers at any desired location easily! The interactive activity will also be followed up with a kids version of biology lessons by our instructors. They will discuss and share the observations which enriches their little “Biopedia”.

When night falls, the little explorer will experience a campfire together! Singing songs, dancing and cheering like an explorer in the jungle. Their sleeping accommodation will be decorated based on jungle theme with tents around for them to enjoy the silence and peace in the nature at the end of the day. Looking at the stars above them, the little explorers can whisper to the stars and share their little secrets while dozing off.

Few other interesting topics that CAMP CHALLENGE will be rolling out are Global Citizenship, Environmental Care and more. Our Little Explorers can develop the sense of belonging on an international level. If you are interested to find out more, do contact us via email at

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