Land Expeditions

“One does not simply walk into Mordor.” Long distance expeditions have never been a case of just blindly walking from one location to another. As well as the physical, it requires a panoply of mental skills that cannot be downloaded as an app. Our Trail Exploration Programme will equip participants with the knowledge and techniques to confidently read maps, handle a compass, and utilize navigational skills. The participant’s problem solving and decision making skills will be put the test before being opened to the possibilities of transferring these to everyday life.

Participants will be taught to:

  • Use a compass
  • Read a map
  • Pace
  • Navigate

These skills will be put to practical use, where participants will be provided with a compass and map to navigate from CAMP CHALLENGE Sembawang to CAMP CHALLENGE Sentosa through the Rail Corridor, Central Catchment Nature Reserve and Park Connectors.

Please feel free to email to find out more about our expedition programmes! All programmes are customizable to suit your needs and objectives.

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