Testimonials from Participants

Enjoyable, learning journey where I get to meet different people and learn to trust them even if I have never met them before
– Sarah Rakhel, ITE College East

– Breanna, Hougang Primary School

Fun & thrilling. A new way to enjoy the year-end holidays.
– Mohd Danial, Pathlight School

Fun. More time should be given to High Elements as it is a special activity and not all of us had the chance to do it.
– Yeo Zach, Nanyang Primary School

The instructors were very engaging and fun to be with. despite the rain on the 2nd day, we still managed to do our water rafting and had so much fun doing it. The night game on the first night was the best because it helped us coordinate with each other. Thank you so much for the experience of a life time!!!! SHOUTOUT TO KEJU FOR BEING THE BEST ENTERTAINER THROUGHOUT THIS WHOLE CAMP
– Jewelle Chua, ACS International

Fun and awesome
– Nur Fatehah, Ping Yi Secondary School

Attending BIC 40 allowed me to learn many new skills, make new friends with many people from differing backgrounds and broaden my perspectives. It was a incredible experience. Being able to learn from both passionate instructors and my peers was a true privilege.
– Darryl Wong, BIC 40

One of the best time of my life
– Jacqueline Tinio, Singapore Technologies Endowment Programme (STEP) – Sunburst Youth Camp

Experience that cannot be forgotten
– Idlan, Bedok Youth Soccerites

It was amazing and I cant wait to come back next year!!
– Kashika, Global Indian International School (East Coast)

The CAMP Chief did a very good job!!! and The Sentosa team is awesome!
– Amanda, ACS (International)

THE INSTRUCTORS WERE SUPER NICE ESP Hairi, Feeqah,Syukri,Fendy,Lulu,Aind, Mun,Roy. THANK YOU so much to all the instructors for being so kind and friendly towards me and my year mates. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN and ENJOYED OURSELVES SO MUCH.
– Joi Yeo, ACS (International)

The camp overall made me a little bit more confident in taking a leadership role. The instructors never failed to make us laugh, especially during the campfire. Till now I can still remember what activities we did on our first day!!! Thank you so much for making our last camp the best one. I wont forget this!
– Jewelle Chua, ACS (International)

Really enjoyed it! This camp really pushed me to my limits and made sure I had fun, plus the instructors were so warm/friendly with us (a plus!). Probably the best once Ive been to. Will definitely remember it since its my last camp! ^^
– Kathleen, ACS (International)

Feeling extremely energetic
– Augustine Chai, ACS (International)

I enjoyed the camp as there were a lot of challenging and fun games.I enjoyed all the games that we participated in and I hope for more camps like this…
– Geetikasingam, New Town Primary School

It’s fun! Teamwork is important because it can let us know each other well.
– Cui Yi, Naval Base Primary School

It was enjoyable and fun.
– Ifah, Guangyang Secondary School

I felt more grown up and mature. At the same time, became more brave and independent.
– Kanoknapha Valaikanok, CHIJ St. Joseph’s Convent

It was really enjoyable! :-)
– Nadiy, ITE College Central

It was a great camp with great instructors.
– Syakirah, Hillgrove Secondary School

I had a lot of fun in the camp and there also was some challenging games for us to play.
– Geetika Singam, New Town Primary School

It was the best camp ever!
– Quiten Lim, Guang Yang Secondary School

It was an exciting experience for me as I have never been to a camp before and the instructors were fun and clear to us. The games had a purpose to us in life.
– Daphne Hoh, North Vista Primary School

It was an amazing experience. CAMP CHALLENGE is an awesome camp company! Wished the camp for my school was longer. Do have more cheers planned! :-)
– Nur Sabrina Binte Massri, Hillgrove Secondary School

I truly wish that time could go slower so that I would be able to spend a more time with my precious instructors (Farfaa Taufiq) my fellow schoolmates … The camp was lovely and it was Das Best !! Id never had this much fun in camp for as long as I could remember .. Thank You for the best camp ever !! I never regretted spending my three days there but wouldve regretted not being there instead ! :):)
– Nur Sabrina, Hillgrove Secondary School

It was the best camp Ive ever had and Im glad that I participated all the activities in it!!
– Brittany Low, Hillgrove Secondary School

I really liked this camp. I just left camp and I missed the instructors once I got onto the bus to take us back to school. The instructors were very friendly towards me and i really like them all. my favorite instructors were Mr Syukri,Mr Harry,Mr Johan(Mr Rashid) and Ms Dianty.
– Joi Yeo, ACS International

It was simply put, FUN! no part of this camp actually qualified to be classified as boring or anything negative. Loved it!
– Phoebe Victoria, CHIJ Katong Convent

I am a student in Overseas Family School. I had lots of new experiences, such as being more confident with my fears of heights by doing three of the high element courses. The food was good enough and the accommodations provided were comfortable. I had a great experience overall with the two instructors: Yi Kee, and Zee.
– Lee Bum Seok, OFS

It was fun, interesting and enjoyable. The instructors were humorous and I learnt values that can be apply to our daily life. Overall, I like this camp very much.
– HL, Guang Yang Secondary School

Absolutely FUN! A great memorable camp I ever had. Especially the instructors! They are so loveable! Hope to see them real soon.
– Raimi Shah, ITE College East

I did not expect that the camp was so nice this is the best camp ever.
– Makesvary, Punggol Secondary School

– Ifa Ellyana Fatini, CHIJ Katong Convent

I think I have grown up a lot and became more mature after the camp finished because from the camp itself, it taught me a lot more values which may become an big impact in my life i mean good but not bad impact and so I can apply the value I have learnt in my daily life
– Celyne Tan, Guang Yang Secondary School

I enjoyed the camp and noticed that I had become a more positive person after the camp.
– Ho Si Wee, ITE College West

It was fun and exciting. I was starting to miss and did not want to o home. The campfire was exciting for students. when i asked my parents, they said they got bored. The high elements were scary but also like a life time experience. THANK YOU CAMP CHALLENGE! I LOVE CAMP CHALLENGE I MISS CAMP CHALLENGE. Hope that soon will do another camping in Sembawang with CAMP CHALLENGE!!!=)
– Khyati Sri Gudideni, Balestier Hill Secondary School

It was totally amazing! This is a camp that I can never ever forget in my whole entire life! My Instructors were Deep and Evan. They were beyond amazing! The word Deep told us were so touching that I actually tear up so much! The camp should have been extended longer :) I would really love to come back to this camp! Thank you so much for inspiring me with those word Deep! I will never forget about you guys in my life :)
– Santhiya Rajan, CHIJ Katong Convent

Extend the camp longer haha, it was too short, we stayed for three days. Though those three days were filled with joy, laughter and very memorable memories, i hope next time we can have a longer camp for at least 5 days or more:)
– Jilian Goh, CHIJ Katong Convent

It was fun great learning experience for everyone. we learned many different values such as teamwork patience all these will definitely apply to us when were in school.
– Celine Teo, CHIJ Katong Convent

I really enjoyed so much and I can never forget! my heart and soul will always be there(: it was indeed the best camp Ive ever gone to and this was the only camp that allows us to listen and sing together as one KC family and with the instructors! the number of days are not enough and I wished we could stay there for 5 nights! Deep and Evan is one of the best instructors anyone could ever have! deeps words will always be in our hearts and minds. we will never forget what he told us and it really touched all of us which made us cry(:
– Naomi Yokoyama, CHIJ Katong Convent

The camp is honestly something I will remember forever. I would like to say a big thank you to my instructors, Dan and Mai for guiding us through the 3D2N. You have honestly impacted us a whole class, thank you so much!
– Nurin Hasuha, CHIJ Katong Convent

It was a great adventure! I had never experienced much in a camp but my camp experience with CAMP CHALLENGE had taught me several things, such as teamwork and the meaning of ‘work hard, play hard’.
– YL, Balestier Hill Secondary School

The camp was fun and exciting. I made lots of new friends from different classed and I loved the camp fire. The instructors were awesome and I really liked the Laser Combat Challenge!
– Renasha, Overseas Family School

I really enjoyed the camp. It was extremely fun and enriching. The best part about it was the awesome activities. The activities which I loved the most were Laser Combat Challenge and the high ropes courses. They were very exciting and exhilarating. Overall, I enjoyed this camp.
– Kritika, Overseas Family School

My overall experience was fun and i felt very excited although Its just a 2 days one night because I have learn a lot of interesting things and had a great experience through out the different kind of activities that is pretty challenging and all the instructors is very kind and caring and that makes my day happy and cheerful, same goes to my fellow Ping-yians :)
– Sayzana, Ping Yi Secondary School

I had a spent my time well with my peers. I also had the chance to make new friends. My instructor was tue best. I learnt alot from this camp. May what i learnt from this camp help me to be a better person in future! I Love This Camp! GOODJOB!
– Iylia Nofail, Jurongville Secondary School

My overall experience was that I have a fruitful and beneficial experience.I learned how to overcome my fears.I learned more about leadership things as this is a leadership camp and small little things that can be brought to life
– Nurul Emilya, Ping Yi Secondary School

I enjoyed it a lot because its my first time trying the High Elements and I successfully completed it with the support from my team mates. In addition, the instructors are very entertaining too, which made the whole camp more alive and enjoyable. The lodging was well-prepared, and the food was scrumptious. Overall, I give the camp a full thumbs up because it shaped me into a better individual and Ive made numerous new friends! :)
– Choo Yuan Qi, Nayang Polytechnic

It was fun and enjoyable. Hope to participate in the camp again,with a longer period of stay.
– Nurfatin Syuhaidah, Nayang Polytechnic

I find that this camp is all about Responsibility. I also learnt some things that will apply in our future. We played some games of knowledge too! As for me, I think it was a great and enjoyable CAMP. Thanks! :)
– Lee Jing Ze, River Valley Primary School

Wonderful, enriching and had definitely made an impact to myself to be a better leader
– Nurul Fathida, Ngee Ann Secondary School

It was a really fun and enjoyable experience. I learnt a lot during my time at the camp.
– Pearlyn Khoo, Temasek Polytechnic

The camp was very FUN!! I learnt alot from the camp, thanks to all the instructors!!
– Celest Lim, Zhong Hua Primary School

This is the best CAMP I’ve done.
– Kirana Genata Saputra, Insworld School

I love every moment of it !I will never forget this CAMP because it was so enriching and fun! =D
– Overseas Family School

Very fun… And very challenging.
– Greenridge Primary School

I’ve gained a lot after participating in the “Leadership Excellence!” programme. I’ve learnt that a leader does not need to be prefect. After experiencing “Leadership Excellence” and “Team Excellence”, I would love to experience the “Explorer Excellence”. I love CAMP CHALLENGE because it rocks!
– Nur Atiqah Bte Sulaiman, ITE College East

CAMP CHALLENGE was the best CAMP ever, I loved it!
It was so much fun and really helped me overcome my fear of heights and I conquered the low wall.
– Maya, Overseas Family School

I hope Boon Lay Secondary School engages CAMP CHALLENGE again!
– Amiran, Boon Lay Secondary School

It was a CHALLENGING experience with plenty of self discovery
– Overseas Family School

This CAMP helped me overcome my fear of heights :-)
– Angus, Overseas Family School

It had such a great experience at this CAMP! It was really fun but really tiring cause we woke at about 5.30. Overall, the activities were fun and CHALLENGING :-)
– Overseas Family School

I learnt how to be a better leader!
– Siti Muzainah, Boon Lay Secondary

I really learnt a lot from it and it was really fun and thought me lots of values which can be applied in my daily life. :)
-Sarah, Greenridge Primary School

I felt happy and I enjoyed it. Haikal the Instructor was funny when he did the chicken dance and Ivan was funny too. He said that he was a partime magician and his name was David Garfield, it was so funny. I hope that next year after PSLE we can still go to CAMP CHALLENGE to enjoy again.
– Celeste Tan Cheng Suan, Huamin Primary School

Everything over there I loved it and I learned a lot! Thank you all the instructors. I will miss everyone there even the whole instructors and CAMP that I will never forget it!!!!
– Nur Sarah, Ngee Ann Primary School

The CAMP was fun! Even the whole p5 level did not want to go home. And the Instructors explained to us things very clearly and they were interesting to make up nice cheers and dance.
– Soh Eng Keng, Ngee Ann Primary School

The CAMP was so fun I like all the Instructors such as Jeremy, Zoe, Chamander, Eggy, Mint, Oreo and others. I like the activities like the high element and others. It was so scary for the high elements
– Sarah, Ngee Ann Primary School

The CAMP was great and enjoyable!!!
– Anjali, Ngee Ann Primary School

Happy, fun, sleepy, tired, excited, scared, dirty hot(warm)!
– Xinghua Primary School

I learn what is true teamwork
– Matthew Tay, Xinghua Primary School

It was exciting and challenging! I managed to make new friends as well!
– Nurdina Aliyah, Ngee Ann Primary School, Pri 5

It was valuable lesson which can be applied to the club and future activities!
– Annur Munirah, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School, Sec 3l

Provide us with an opportunity to explore leadership and its elements through a rather FUN and ENGAGING manner!
– Lim Xin Yi, Nanyang Girls’ High School, Sec 4

The activities planned out were really FUN and ENGAGING! I would definitely recommend CAMP CHALLENGE for our school camps! Thank you for the wonderful time! Really appreciate all the time spent for us in planning the camp and making every minutes FUN for us!
-Maria Yusof, Dunman Secondary School, Sec 3

I had a lot of fun in the camp and there also was some challenging gaems for us to play

The instructors were very engaging and fun to be with. despite the rain on the 2nd day, we still managed to do our water rafting and had so much fan doing it. the night game on the first night was the best because it helped us coordinate with each other. thank you so much for the experience of a life time!!!! SHOUTOUT TO KEJU FOR BEING THE BEST ENTERTAINER THROUGHOUT THIS WHOLE CAMP

Fun, thrilling a new way to enjoy the year-end holidays