The general facilities suited our program needs.

— Architects of Life

The past few times we engaged CAMP CHALLENGE for our programs have always been a positive experience for us. Indeed we will recommend CAMP CHALLENGE to others.

— SINDA (CAMP Arise)

All student felt very happy this time.

— Chengdu Meiya Air Travel Co., In-Support (Kayaks)

Our work with our youth through our camp was made possible through the kind and generous support of CAMP CHALLENGE. Thank you!

— Students Care Service

Excellent staffs especially YuLing Tok who accommodates us with our requests.Thank you so much to Yuling who deserves credit for her efficiency and friendliness

— ForeverGreen

One of the best thing at the campsite was actually air conditioned bunks which many campsites might not have.

— SIM Dreamwerkz

Staff was very helpful and accommodating in attending to our needs/requests.

— Anderson Junior College (ODAC)

The facilitators are very friendly and professional

— Broc Consulting Pte Ltd

The staff is friendly and always ready to help us in emergency matters!

— Amitofo Care Centre (ACC)

The staff were very accommodating and the place was perfect for the beneficiaries!

— Beyond Social Services

Overall, it has been a good experience working with Camp Challenge for the second time this year. We would definitely return to the campsite again for our future camps.

Singapore Institute of Management (UB)

Thanks YuLing for your exceptional service and for accommodating to our requests before, during and after the camp! It has been a pleasure to work with you. :)

Thanks Glenn and assistant for making the laser combat fun for the group despite the drizzle! Thanks Fendy too for being patient with us and helping out for the campfire and the checkout process. The staff are very helpful and approachable, and there is very good follow up so the camp went smoothly.

Facilities can be better maintained (dorm mattresses and pillows, bedframes, toilet cleanliness, directions to aspiration room), but for a campsite we are satisfied with the experience overall. There is a good variety of activities and venues so it’s great. :) Will recommend to others!

Beautiful People