NYAA Adventurous Journey 4 – Sea Expedition (Sailing & Kayaking)

Once again, CAMP CHALLENGE has brought out the best in its participants, this time in the form of its 4th NYAA Adventurous Journey! Water activities such as Sailing and Kayaking were the two main activities that we, the participants, got to enjoy and test our endurance with.

Our five NYAA Gold participants went head first into tackling the first part of the Adventurous Journey, which was Sailing. Being first-timers in Sailing, we found it extremely challenging to navigate the craft. However, after the much needed guidance from our instructors, the team caught up to the required techniques to navigate the sail boat and went well on our way to venture the open seas. It took us just one day to make our way from Raffles Marina to Sentosa, and back.

As flushed out as we were from our journey on the sailboat, there was still ample energy and spirit in us to welcome six beautiful ladies into the team – they were joining midway as they were pursuing the NYAA Silver. These six ladies, alongside us five sailors, would then combine forces to face the treacherous seas ones again; but this time, on double seater kayaks.

Our team kayaked around a deserted Sarimbun Island, and then back to Raffles Marina. Neither current nor tide could dampen our spirits and as soon as Day 2 came to an end, preparations for Day 3 commenced straight away.

Day 3 provided us with a much harsher environment and choppier waters than during Sailing on Day 1. Nevertheless, our determination never faltered and our will to arrive at their destination was still burning strong.  Despite the perilous environment, we persevered on and arrived safe and sound at our safe haven for the day – Pulau Hantu Besar.

Day 4 would prove to be the day with the calmest environment. However, battle scars and aches from our previous wars on the water were the factors that strongly challenged our perseverance.  Nonetheless, through sheer willpower and muscle memory from the past few days, the 11 water warriors prevailed and returned from Pulau Hantu Besar, back home to Raffles Marina.

There could not be a better way to end our Adventurous Journey than to have the sun setting exactly after we arrived at Raffles Marina.  After the countless battles with nature, the beauty of the scenery was truly sweet icing on the cake.

We give out our most sincere congratulations to the 4th Adventurous Journey team for pulling through together and successfully completing our sea expedition!


“As strangers they came, as a family they left”

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