Welcome new graduates from BIC 70!

Welcome new graduates from BIC 70!

Here we welcome our fresh graduates from CAMP CHALLENGE’s very own Basic Instructor course #70 (BIC)!

These newly born like-minded outdoor adventure enthusiasts have done and dusted the residential 3 days 2 nights course, ready to take on the challenge to develop themselves further as an instructor.

Throughout this course, participants delve into various aspects essential to the instructor role. After learning about the company, cadets are taught our code of conduct, learning frameworks, camp activities, and finally instruction.

Spanning a duration of 3 days, the BIC immerses participants in a structured learning journey. Initially, they experience the program from a participant’s perspective, actively engaging in activities led by senior instructors. This approach enables them to empathise with and internalise the participant experience.

Along the way, participants are taken on an exploration of diverse facilitation techniques, equipping them with the skills to effectively lead and engage others. By the course’s conclusion, graduates gain a deeper insight into the intricacies of facilitation, preparing them to excel in their roles as CAMP CHALLENGE instructors.

Who is the course open to?
Anyone who is the age of 18 or above and keen to learn pursue a part-time or full-time CAMP Instructor position with CAMP CHALLENGE. Applicants will be required to attend a briefing/interview session to be assessed for their place in BIC. The date of the briefing/interview session will be sent out via email at a later date.

Is there a registration cost for BIC?
Yes, the registration cost for BIC is $55.00 + GST ($59.95). However, this payment will only be made after the confirmation email has been sent to you to confirm the registration. This course fee covers usage of facilities, equipment, and basic meals.

Can we engage CAMP CHALLENGE to conduct a customized in-house BIC for a group of youths?
Definitely. Just send us an email to enquiries@CAMP-CHALLENGE.com with the subject “Customized BIC”! Do include details such as age group, profile of participants, and preferred dates.

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