2 day 1 night Pre-school Adventure: CAMPing by the beach at Pasir Ris Park!

2 day 1 night Pre-school Adventure: CAMPing by the beach at Pasir Ris Park!

On a breezy day by the beach, preschoolers wide-eyed with excitement, embarked on their overnight exploration at Pasir Ris Park. For these little adventurers, the sandy shores and gentle waves become their classroom, offering a world of learning and discovery beyond the walls of their traditional preschool setting.

Morning Arrival and Exploration

As the sun rises over the horizon, our preschoolers from Red Schoolhouse arrived at Pasir Ris Park, bursting with energy and curiosity. They eagerly unload their backpacks filled with sunscreen, hats, and snacks, ready for a day of adventure. The air is filled with anticipation as they gather around their teachers, who are equally enthusiastic about the day ahead.

They start off the day working together as a team through a series of activities. First up, becoming a Junior Archer equipped with Bow and arrows! Under the guidance of instructors, the preschoolers learn the rules and safety measures before diving into the action. Aim at the “monsters”, control, SHOOT! Honing their hand-eye coordination and concentration skills with every shot.

Junior Chef – DIY Lunch

As the sun reaches its zenith, the preschoolers seek shelter and are greeted by a colorful array of fresh vegetables, bread slices and various ingredients, ready to embark on a delightful culinary adventure. The teams are given “money”, and they have to decide what ingredients to “buy”. Under the patient guidance of their teachers, these budding chefs enthusiastically assemble their own sandwiches. This hands-on experience not only introduces them to healthy eating habits but also fosters independence and fine motor skills. As they proudly present their creations to each other and share in the joy of tasting their homemade delights, the preschoolers learn valuable lessons in teamwork and creativity, making this cooking activity a memorable and enriching part of their early education journey.

Discovering Nature’s Treasures

Preschoolers venture into the wonders of nature with boundless curiosity, ready to embark on their own nature diary adventure.

They observe tiny insects bustling among flowers, marvel at the intricate patterns of leaves, and playing with the chickens strolling in the park. Pencils in hand, they eagerly sketch their discoveries, capturing the essence of each unique encounter. This hands-on exploration not only nurtures a deep connection to the natural world but also cultivates scientific inquiry, creativity, and language development as they describe their observations in their own words. Through their nature diaries, these young explorers learn to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the outdoors, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of nature and learning.

Night Memories

These young adventurers eagerly work together to assemble their temporary outdoor homes; a tent. With gentle guidance, they discover how to secure tent poles, fasten stakes, and ensure the tent’s stability.

As the day draws to a close, the group gathers to put up a performance that they have prepared for each other. Together, they sing, dance and cheer with the teachers and instructors.

Looking Forward

Preschool camping at the beach park isn’t just a day of fun—it’s a journey of growth and discovery for young minds. Through outdoor exploration, hands-on activities, and meaningful connections with their environment, these little adventurers are laying the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of nature and a thirst for knowledge. As they continue their educational journey, they carry with them the memories of sandy shores, laughter-filled days, and the endless possibilities that await them in the great outdoors.

We share our appreciation to the Red Schoolhouse team for giving us this opportunity, and welcome more preschool groups to join us in curating experiences beyond the classroom!

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