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The Burma Bridge

provides hand lines and a foot cable to help you cross. There is a significant amount of exposure here as the kids will have to tight rope walk across with just the support of two relatively loose hand lines. This element provides an option to increase the challenge level by having one or two participants on the course at one time.

Cargo net

stretched horizontally across and between 2 trees. Here, the objective at this station is to scale across from one end to the other. This activity is excellent for all ages and abilities. It provides many options for climbing. Participants will always have a hand hold and a foot hold which makes it simpler, but no less of a challenge.

Jacobs ladder

is essentially a series of wooden planks aligned to form a horizontal ladder that stretches across between two trees. To make things more challenging, this ‘bridge’ is not tightly secured and may swing from side to side with each movement that the kid makes. In addition, the planks are evenly spaced apart, creating the illusion of a broken bridge. A guide rope will be available to assist the kids with their balance.

The Net Bridge

as the name suggests is a bridge constructed out of a net. A large net is looped in such a way that it hangs and is suspended between the tree trucks, secured only at the end at the top of the truck. The net bridge may look simple but one step on it and you’ll feel otherwise. The reason being, the net does not make for a stable platform to walk on. As you walk further to the middle of it, the more wobbly it gets.