UG Handshake – National Cadet Corps (NCC) from Fuhua & Huayi Secondary Schools

On 14th April 2018, cadets from the National Cadet Corps (NCC) of Fuhua Secondary School and Huayi Secondary School came together to experience a Dragon Boat session at CAMP CHALLENGE Raffles Marina.

It was a first for the CAMP CHALLENGE SeaOPS team executing an integrated training between schools, and it will certainly not be the last! The cadets fostered a strong sense of camaraderie and accomplishment among themselves, paddling through the afternoon in their teams of ten.


While dragon boating epitomizes the very essence of working as a team, the youths also worked through numerous challenging situations, allowing themselves to learn and develop dragon boating skills while strengthening their communication and cooperation. Each dragon boat consisted of 10 cadets, paddling towards their goal and pushing themselves to their limit!

In addition, the young cadets were joined by the Fuhua Secondary School Cadet Officers, who were in the midst of a 2 days 1 night residential Team ExCELLence programme with CAMP CHALLENGE. Despite being a small team of only 9 Cadet Officers, they faced different challenges besides dragon boating, such as kayaking and sailing together. With a gathering of like minds, they conquered each obstacle well by delegating roles and responsibilities suitably, boosting individual strengths and ensuring everyone’s safety.


On the overall, the session was a great success as everyone walked away with enthusiasm and felt energized with a renewed sense of common purpose!

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