CSR Initiative for Malaysian Workers in our campsite on Hari Raya!

24 – 25 May 2020

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone! This Circuit Breaker has put a strain to our businesses as all our programmes came to a halt.  Ever since then, we have been housing Malaysian workers in our 3 hectares wide campsite. While most of the businesses in Singapore had come to a halt, our Malaysian workers from essential sectors such as cleaning, engineering, and so on, have been working tirelessly for us, even during the festive period. This year, due to Malaysia’s MCO (Movement Control Order) put in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Malaysian workers who stayed in our campsite have been unable to return to their families on Hari Raya. Celebrations are also disallowed due to Singapore’s Circuit Breaker movement where everyone has to stay home and no social gatherings are allowed. Hence, our team decided to come up with an initiative within our campsite in hopes to keep their spirits up!

Sharing Bandung for Hari Raya Eve

Sharing Bandung for Hari Raya Eve

On Hari Raya’s Eve, our team decided to make Bandung (a very popular drink among our Malay friends and colleagues, we realized!) for the workers residing in our campsite. We bought the ingredients and set up a Bandung Booth at our hard-court, complying with safety distance measures of course! From 7pm onwards, after our Muslim friends broke fast, they began taking turns to visit our Bandung Booth with their bottles and flasks, filling them up with smiles plastered on their faces. It was a success!

Giving out lunch for Hari Raya

On Hari Raya day itself, we collaborated with Free Food for All (FFFA) Asia, a Non-profit Organization to provide food for all, regardless of race or religion. They have prepared approximately 380 packets of lunch, comprising of Bengali Styled Chicken, aroma rice and Coconut pudding dessert. Our team assisted to collect the packets and distributed it to our Malaysian workers!

Giving out meals to rented flats in Sembawang for Hari Raya

Besides distributing food packets to our Malaysian workers, we also distributed 150 worth of food packets to our neighboring HDB rented flats! Our team walked tirelessly from one level to the next, rounding up 14 storeys and provided food for approximately 100 units! It was a great (and tiring) day indeed!


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