Elective Modules

CAMP CHALLENGE’s Elective Module offers students insight into various types of profession and industries. These modules are generally experiential in nature, with more focus on the practical aspect of learning such as industry visits and skills training. Here are some of the modules we offer:

. Adventure Learning

CAMP CHALLENGE’s signature programme. Experience first hand how the adventure learning industry works. Students will have the chance to speak to season professionals, visit CAMP CHALLENGE’s campsite and even be part of an actual camp. Students will also pick up basic skills such as facilitation and risk assessment.

. Sea OPS

Learn the basics of operating sea/water based activities such as kayaking, sailing and how to pilot a powerboat. Module includes practical hands-on experience in the sea and visits to marinas in Singapore and Malaysia.

. Sports Coaching

Learn about the coaching process as well as the requirements of a sports coach. Participants will also be exposed to various types of sports, allowing them to gain new skills set in the process.

. Sports Health and Wellness

The world of sports science has developed rapidly over the years, helping athletes increased performance standards. Here, participants will touch on subjects such as Health Sciences, Fitness & Nutrition and Sports Science. They will also learn about the proper usage of gym equipment and the impact of nutrition on health and wellness.

. Aviation

The aviation industry is a significant contributor to Singapore’s economy. In this module, students will be exposed to the various aspects of the industry such as engineering, air services and airport operations. Part of this module includes practical experiences on flight and air traffic control simulation.

. Culinary

For students who are keen to know more about the F & B sector and culinary profession. They will learn the history of culinary and how culture influences the different types of cuisines we enjoy today. They will also pick up basic culinary skills such as knife skills, food carvings and plating.

. Photography

Students will learn basic photography skills such as exposures, composition, and modes selection for different conditions. Participants will also experience taking pictures in a photo-studio and be exposed to the various types of photography equipment used by professionals.

Other modules offered includes:

Aesthetics Modules.

Interior Designer.Performing Arts

.Film Industry

.Music Industry

.Jewelry Designer

.Floral Art

Professionals Modules.

Broadcasting and Journalism.Security Management


.Hospitality and Tourism

.Real Estate

.Community Service