Testimonials from Teachers and CAMP Organisers – 2019

ITE College West (40 Pax), Leadership ExCELLence
8 – 9 March 2019

Coordinator Farizah is always prompt in addressing our queries and does her best to accede to our requests. The team of experienced instructors were able to effectively deliver learning points and communicate with the participants.

— Mr Kelvin Koh

Hillgrove Secondary School (200 Pax), Team ExCELLence
5 – 8 March 2019

The whole CAMP experience has been a pleasant one from planning to execution. Overall, Trudy and Nicholas have been very responsive and accommodating to our requests to ensure that our students have a positive CAMP experience. During the CAMP , they have been very supportive to both teachers and students.

— Mr Teo Yee Ann

Nanyang Primary School (406 Pax), Team ExCELLence
21 – 23 January 2019

Once again, the instructors for this CAMP were very professional. They could link the school values to the activities and they were firm when handling any discipline cases. Thank you, CAMP CHALLENGE

— Mdm Ng Kang Leng

Victoria Junior College (300), Team ExCELLence
9 – 11 January 2019

Overall, it was a successful CAMP. Campsite was much cleaner this time. Thanks!

— Mr Russell Woo