Online Instructor Development & Deployment System (OIDDS) App

Online Instructor Development & Deployment System (OIDDS) App

We have finally launched our all-new Online Instructor Development & Deployment System (OIDDS) app!

The OIDDS is an online portal for outdoor adventure instructors to track their development and deployment for all related Outdoor Adventure Education activities with our organization including CAMP CHALLENGE, FOCUS Adventure, Outdoor Adventure and SeaOPS. This means that joining us in just ONE app will give you access to a wide variety of programmes and audiences!

Our organization specializes in character development, including team-building, leadership, innovation, resilience, and so on. Each company specializes in a different target audience:

  • CAMP CHALLENGE specializes in youth character development and experiential learning through outdoor camps and expeditions, as well as motivational workshops for youths & students from preschool to tertiary levels
  • FOCUS Adventure specializes in corporate team development, experiential learning through outdoor-based activities, and process facilitation for corporate groups of all levels from new hires to top management
  • Outdoor Adventure specializes in providing recreational outdoor activities for families, sports enthusiasts & any group looking to have fun under the sun
  • SeaOPS specializes in sea-based activities, offering various recreational water sports as well as sea-based certification courses

The OIDDS app will allow instructors to:

  • Browse through the various programmes available and indicate their availability for each programme
  • View their deployment for programmes
  • Update their credentials & certifications on their profile, to boost their eligibility & suitability for programmes
  • Track their progress in advancing through our Instructor Development Programme
  • Browse and register for training courses & modules

All instructors are welcome to register and join us to know more about our programmes and training.

This app is available on both Android and Apple. Simple search ‘OIDDS’ in your app store or click the links below!

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