The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Adventurous Journey

Adventurous Journey is often seen as the most demanding segment of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DoE) but it is in fact the best opportunity for the young person to engage in activities that require determination, physical effort, perseverance, problem solving and stepping out of comfort zone; participants are rewarded with unique, challenging and memorable experiences.

Being in a challenging environment, participants will experience highs and lows throughout the journey from preparation and training to the actual execution of the journey. No matter what, the rewards at the completion of the journey are things that the participants may not expect, such as a real sense of achievement, self-confidence and development of their leadership skills.

All our Adventurous Journeys are customizable to your schools’ and students’ requirements.


Adventurous Journey around Bintan and Batam, Indonesia

Outdoor Education in Asia has developed a range of Adventurous Journeys that are not only competently run with safety in mind, but also empower all participants to explore their potential, move beyond their comfort zone and gain a real sense of success.

One of the expedition routes that we have been frequently running with kayaks and sailboats is round Bintan and/or Batam.  The route is great for paddling or sailing with various stops in between and accommodations set at the stops.  Our instructors will guide participants on the trip, look after safety aspects, and participants will be guided on how to plan their journey with the duration in mind.

CAMP CHALLENGE has a long history of working with schools to provide high quality experiences for our participants. In 2017, we incorporated a new entity (SeaOPS) solely to focus on sea activities and expeditions. Our knowledge of local waters and waters around us helps us to work with schools to create trips that combine challenge, exploration and fun.

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