Coastal Clean Up – 18th March 2017, 9am, Sembawang Beach

On 18th  March 2017, a group of CISVers and volunteers came together for a kayaking coastal clean-up. It was a very successful event, made possible by generous support from our partner organisation CAMP CHALLENGE, who sponsored the kayaks.

The rubbish collected were divided into recyclable and non-recyclable and disposed accordingly.


What we learn from this event:

1 – Contributing to the society is a very meaningful way to spend a weekend morning.

2 – 90% of the rubbish collected are recyclable. Unfortunately, we believe this percentage also reflects most people’s regular rubbish disposal habit.

3 – Environmental sustainability is a global challenge. Who is responsible for the rubbish that appear on Singapore coastline?

4 – Keeping the coast clean is an on-going challenge as with every incoming tide comes more rubbish. However, we must persevere. This applies to all efforts to protect the environment.

5 – Every effort counts. We may not have change the world this morning but we certainly felt we made a difference.


If you are interested to be involved in future CISV activities, you may register as a member (it’s free) and we will keep you posted on upcoming events.

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