8th International Adventure Therapy Conference (8IATC)

Our CAMP CHALLENGE partners recently attended the 8th International Adventure Therapy Conference
(8IATC) held at ‘The Tops’ Conference Centre in Sydney, hosted by the Australian Association for Bush Adventure

Photo credits to International Adventure Therapy Facebook Page

Themed ‘Expanding the Circles’, the conference hosted a diverse pool of speakers and participants alike,
providing a space for exploring both new and old practices, sharing connections and contributions for
international adventure therapy.

Thoughts from Elaine (left):

“The conference expanded my views and thoughts about Adventure Therapy, inspiring new ideas and methods of engaging people or drafting a programme. I was deeply impressed by a particular workshop named “Spreading the Power of Adventure Therapy: One Group at a Time”. A few activities and models they shared are actually similar to what we do in Singapore, but the presenters did them differently. It made me realise that there are many ways to do one thing. An activity is just a tool to bring out the learning points we want, so having the end in mind is very important.”

Thoughts from Trudy (right):

“The 8IATC conference was very insightful and eye-opening! Some of the activities and approaches shared by the international speakers are quite similar to what CAMP CHALLENGE has been practicing and thus we learned even more from the speakers. Many approaches and theories shared during the conference can be used to enhance our AT programmes and provide a holistic experience for our participants.”

►  Having benefited from the wide range of sharing and perspectives gained during the 8IATC, our Adventure Therapy team will be delighted to customize and craft out specialized programmes for your participants. Speak to us now at 6257 4427, or drop us an email at AT@CAMP-CHALLENGE.com!

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