NYAA – National Youth Achievement Award

What is NYAA?

The aim of the NYAA Programme is to encourage young people between the ages of 14 and 25 years to develop personal qualities of self-reliance, perseverance and a sense of responsibility to themselves, to society and to the nation. The criteria for an Award are those of self-improvement and effort as participants are judged on personal achievement measured against original circumstances and potential capabilities. – www.NYAA.org

CAMP CHALLENGE adopts the National Youth Achievement Award Development Programme framework to support our Instructor Development Programme (IDP), with the aim of enabling more youths to attain the award. CAMP CHALLENGE’s NYAA programme is part of our social contribution, with the broad goal of developing character strength and leadership qualities in youth, who themselves would in the future, contribute back to the society positively.

The CAMP CHALLENGE NYAA programme is open to all youths! Information on our IDP can be obtained here.


Our NYAA programme is open to:

  1. All youths who are seeking to attain the award at all three levels
  2. Youths who require support to complete certain segments of the NYAA
  3. Youth organizations seeking support for their NYAA programmes

Number of NYAA Participants registered under CAMP CHALLENGE (as of April 2017)

NYAA Requirements


Min. age: 14.5 years


Min. age: 16 years (15.5 for Bronze NYAA holders)


Min. age: 17.5 years (17 for Silver NYAA holder)


15 hours over 3 months

30 hours over 6 months

60 hours over 12 months

Adventurous Journey

2 Days 1 Night (at least 12 hours of activity)

3 Days 2 Nights (at least 21 hours of activity)

4 Days 3 Nights (at least 32 hours of activity)


6 months

12 months (6 months for Bronze NYAA holder)

18 months (12 months for Silver NYAA holder)

Physical Recreation

20 hours over 8 weeks

30 hours over 10 weeks

40 hours over 12 weeks

Residential Project



Community-based project*Compulsory for all Gold Award participants


Service – One session every month (consecutively for 3 months)

Skills – One session every week. Half day, 4 hours per session (for 6 months)

Physical Recreation – One session every week (the last 8 weeks)

Adventurous Journey – Min 12 hours of physical activity

For existing NYAA Member, please Login or Register at the following NYAA Blog / Diary:

Email us at NYAA@CAMP-CHALLENGE.com to register for your NYAA journey with CAMP CHALLENGE now!

Registration fees:

  • Bronze: $7.00
  • Silver: $12.00
  • Gold: $17.00

Payment details will be provided in an email upon submission of your registration form.