UG Handshake Programme

In CAMP CHALLENGE, we believe Uniformed Groups (UGs) goes beyond being a disciplinary Co-Curriculum Activity (CCA).

We believe UGs mould characters, enhance Leadership skills, foster esprit de corps, as well as to prepare youths for the future.

UG Handshake, a programme specially designed to support UGs in developing youths, aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity for all rounded learning experience
  • Bring youths of different UGs together
  • Furnish UGs an alternative route to gain badges
  • Encourage youths to start their NYAA journey
  • Most importantly, to have fun!

Our UG Handshake programme includes but not limited to:

  • Adventure Learning programmes
  • Combined UGs programmes
  • NYAA programme
  • Leadership Development programmes for Instructor-level students
  • Facilities rental (eg High Elements, The Hourglass Challenge, accommodations etc)
  • Competency Certification programmes (eg Kayaking, High Elements etc)
  • Overseas Learning Journey