Tampines Meridian Junior College (209 Pax), Leadership ExCELLence, 3D2N, 7-9 June 2019, Sembawang

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Has good knowledge of the activities and relevant skill set
Able to communicate content effectively and clarify all issues raised
Interacted well with groups and individuals
Made learning interesting and fun


The activities were fun and engaging
The activities showed positive learning values
I was able to pick up leadership new skills and obtain new knowledge about The Leadership Challenge
The activities taught me confidence and trained a better leader in me


The programme enabled me to better understand and bond with my fellow leaders
The programme met the goals of the leadership camp
The programme duration was just right
If the programme duration was not right, please suggest a suitable duration


On the whole, this programme was effective and I benefitted from it
This camp was effective in bonding the TMJC leaders
This camp was effective in providing a meaningful, introspective reflection of my leadership journey
This camp was effective in building the TMJC Identity
This camp was effective in relating my learning to The Leadership Challenge & the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership
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