Expectations for NYAA Gold Journey

Outdoor Appreciation

Expectations: I want to be able to get out of my comfort zone within the indoors and at home. By having the opportunity to try on new activities and also challenges along the way which everyone have to be able to contribute and work together. The activities that is going to happen might test the mental and physical strength, from this i look forward to know how to better manage my emotions and adaptability to the surroundings.

  • Planning

gathering information(admin, loogistic, activity planning) and giving out roles. 3 meeting session and 1 preparation day.

  • Execution


  • Day 1

Urban trekking from Camp Challenge to Raffles Marina

Lunch on the go

After arrival at Raffles Marina would be dinner and wash up

Sleep on boats

  • Day 2

Sailing to 1D15

Lunch at Tanjong

DragonBoat to Lazarus then back to Tanjong

Tent Pitching at Tanjong Site

Washup and outdoor cooking for dinner

  • Day 3

Strike down tents


Lunch outdoor cooking


Dinner and wash up

Night Sail back to Raffles Marina

  • Day 4

Morning Run

AJ 12 Debrief



  • Post

Service Learning

Expectations: From service learning i would like to give back to the society. Meaning that, this is an opportunity to meet people from different society to get together to provide a better living.


I will be tagged in a probono/csr programme. ‘Probono’ meaning that the programme is subsidized programme this is mostly happens under camp challenge.

Healthy Living

Expectations: I want to be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle, not forcing but to understanding and make it into a habit. My body needs to be able to adapt to changes of activities and intensities of what i am doing on a daily basis.


Heading to the gym atleast twice per week with different exercise and incresing repetitions.


Community Leadership Initiative

Expectations: To be able to lead and plan  programme, with different roles assigned. Meaning that i have to be able to step out of my comfort zone and project myself aloud and be upfront. And this also depends on level of confindence which would really help in communicating and public speaking.




Learning Outcome&Impact