60 hours over 12 months
No. of Hours:
Date: 31 August 2018 / Friday
Category: Admin

Outdoor Appreciation 

Expectations: To develop self-confidence in terms of not doubting myself when I know what could be a fast and efficient way of completing a goal, problem-solving skills to react quick when problem arise and to have a skillset and creativity to reach a solution, enhances teamwork in terms of delegating things to do or to help out peers when in need to. lastly, to have a sense of stewardship for our environment, having said that i would want to set an example and protray the 4 ‘R’s to my fellow peers.

  • Planning

To gather information and come up with a proposal for AJ. Information includes, map route, food, logistics, activity planning as well as delegating different responsibilities to fellow peers. These phase comprises of 3 meetings as well as 1 preparations.

  • Execution
  • Day 1

Urban Trekking from CAMP Challenge to Raffles Marina

Lunch on the go

Life Journal

Sleep on the Boat

  • Day 2

Sailing to 1D15

Lunch at Tanjong Site which will be outdoor cooking

Dragonboat to Lazarus

Team Building Activity

Dragonboat to Tanjong

Tent Pitching

Dinner which will be outdoor cooking

Sleep on tents at Tanjong Site

  • Day 3

Strike down tents

Team Challenge Hourglass (TCH)

Lunch will be outdoor cooking

Night Sail back to Raffles Marina

Life Journal Presentation

  • Day 4
  • Post

Service Learning

Expectations: To find out the needs and difficulties of the community and help out in ways that i can for example, volunteering myself in programmes that are subsidized and/or pro-bonos.

Healthy Living

Expectation: To have a progress in maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as watching out on my diet and also trying my best to avoid harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcoholic drinks a, develop a healthy habits to improve both out physical and emotion well-being, by achieving this, I aspire to visit the gym at least 3 times a week. in alternative to gymming, I could also be more active in my basketball club, in terms of emotion well-being, i want to find a purpose and meaning in life and try to reach for them so i would constantly feel like i always have to push myself in addition to that, i would want to manage my stress appropriately .

Community Leadership Initiative

Expectations: Bring positivity and meaningful contribution to the community by doing this i would want to in sit for any planning for programmes and give ideas and provide an aim. Also, to lead a team for any programmes.