60 hours over 12 months
No. of Hours:
Date: 31 August 2018 / Friday
Category: Admin

Outdoor Appreciation

My expectation is to achieve my goals to complete my 4Day3Nights and also to be able to adapt and improve my own problem-solving skills, self-awareness, strengthens understanding of the environment and also enhance teamwork.  I will need to build my self-awareness in order for me to improve and accelerate.

  • Planning

Gathering information(admin, logistics, activity planning and giving out roles) 4 session inclusive of 3 meeting and 1 preparation

  • Execution
  • Day 1

Urban Trekking from CAMP Challenge to Raffles Marina

Lunch on the go

Life Journal

Sleep on the Boat

  • Day 2

Sailing to 1D15

Lunch at Tanjong Site which will be outdoor cooking

Dragonboat to Lazarus

Team Building Activity

Dragonboat to Tanjong

Tent Pitching

Dinner which will be outdoor cooking

Sleep on tents at Tanjong Site

  • Day 3

Strike down tents

Team Challenge Hourglass (TCH)

Lunch will be outdoor cooking

Night Sail back to Raffles Marina

Life Journal Presentation

  • Day 4

Morning Run

  • Post

Service Learning

My expectation is to help out and volunteer in contributing actively to find solution. My another expectations is to improve myself and also take up the responsibilities to take care of my participants or citizens.


To be tagged for Pro-bono/ Subsidized programme.

Pro-bono means denoting work undertaken without charge. For example Corporate Social Responsibilities which we can teach them high Elements, Kayaking etc.

Healthy Living

My expectations is to have my own healthy living by doing sports in my own time and also in my own participation in school when I have my own free time. I will also have to adapt my own healthy habits and balanced diet to keep fit.

How: Swimming and running/Progressive over 18 months

Community Leadership Initiative

My expectations is to take on leadership to plan out the programme and at the same time identify participants need through understanding of cultural differences. By taking on this role it will be a tough side as there is a lot of things to be done and check. But this is all about growing up and be independent and also lastly, if there is mistakes, learn and re-learn. To showcase leadership skills will be a tough time, but learning it is all about the effort and the experience to learn from it too.



Plan & Execute

Learning Outcomes & Impact