60 hours over 12 months
No. of Hours:
Date: 31 August 2018 / Friday
Category: Admin

NYAA provides a platform for youths like me to develop myself as an individual and will help me in my future. Through NYAA i hope to be able to gain skills which will further enhance myself and also to make use of my youth wisely.

How to?
Taking up NYAA gold, i aim to achieve all of the segments within the time period of 18 months. Through this 18 months i will be working along with a timeline for different segments. Working and adapting along the way, to fit in the schedule as well as discover many different qualities that is not yet discovered within me. Also, being in touch with Camp Challenge, which will provide me with lots of opportunities to complete the different segments.

Expectations for different segments:

Healthy Living
Through the engagement of sports and physical activities, I want to gain better leverage over my own physical health and be in charge of it. Other than that, these activities can also act as a piece of break time for myself in the busy work life/School. Most activities done under these segments will be my area of interest.

For gold segment, 48 hours within the time span of 18 month. Since i am extremely sporty person, i indulge myself with activity such as pick up basketball and cycling from time to time. These activities are mainly my area of interest. So through these 18 months, i will be gradually progressing my time of activity. Calculating by every 2 weeks. From start till end, significantly growing in intensity and frequency, definitely, hitting the required hours. Also belaying as one of my physical training activity is provided through working with Camp Challenge.

Community Leadership Initiative
It has always been my passion to guide and make an impact to people’s life. These component of NYAA will not only be able to develop my own leadership skills, but also fulfilling my own’s desire and passion.

Camp challenge will be able to provide me with platforms to get in touch with beneficiaries for the project. These opportunities can help me to get in touch with clients that has the perfect platform for me to illustrate leadership skills from starting till end. And these include different phases of it fully taken charge by myself, or my team. Planning of the program , setting objectives and execution phases. These will not only create a learning outcome for both the beneficiaries, and myself but also to create an impact lasting a long time.
Putting these as my upmost priorities as these is what got me engaged into NYAA. Achieving these by the end of year 2018.

Outdoor appreciation
For these segment, I hope to gather outdoor skills and experience to truly be an outdoor person.
These segments allows me to go outside of my comfort zone and try something new and gain important knowledge.

Camp Challenge offers the chance to go on an expedition based journey, named Adventurous Journey. These will help to clock the 36 hours required for the gold segment. Over a span of 4 days expedition.

To develop myself as an individual which is able to be socially responsible and contribute back to the society.

To create a time line for myself, and to constantly get in touch with Camp Challenge as they provides a platform for these volunteering project. These projects includes both Pro-bono programs as well as Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

In conclusion, I hope to learn these above stated skills through the experience that different segments will be offering to me, and using the conquering of these segments as a beginning to the next phase of my life.